Six Sentence Sunday #2

I had so much fun last Sunday.  Not only did I find new authors to follow, but I found several books to read and I got some really nice comments too.  After such a fun start I’m jumping in again for the 2nd time in a row.

I’m keeping to my current WIP I’m All Yours and continuing in the same scene from last week.  Sam has come to her good friend Charlie for advice after firmly committing to learning about her own needs.  After some trepidation Charlie has finally gotten Sam to open up a little.  Charlie has one more question to ask and hear Sam’s response before she can confirm her next steps.

“Do you want someone to injure you?” Charlie queries

 “Well, no, not injure,” she’s asking straightforward questions and it’s beginning to make me feel a
little more comfortable.

“Well ok then, see, not so terrible,” she says confidently.

Not so terrible, that probably depends on who you ask.  “But Charlie, it’s not that simple”

“Oh but Sam, it is.  Do you know what I’m going to do?”

“I have no idea what we are even talking about,” I say confused but excited.

I wont have time to peruse all the #SixSunday posts until Sunday night and I have a real good reason.  Starting November 12th through November 18th I’ll be in full day sessions and earning my Nia White Belt.  I’m really excited about this intense week, but I also can’t wait to get home tonight and read all the posts.  I hope you enjoyed my 2nd 6, please let me know what you really think and come back next week!!  I already have an idea for my 3rd 6 where much will be revealed about what Charlie has discovered about Sam’s needs and what she sets in motion.

6 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #2

    • Thank you so very much!! I didn’t feel that I gave enough last week, so I had to give a little more, but next week I have a new scene in store, please come back and let me know what you think
      would love to hear your thoughts!!

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