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Title: Red Tail Heart

Author:  Kenneth W. Williams

Publisher: Wild Child Publishing    .

Length:   Novel

Sub-Genres:  Romance

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RED TAIL HEARTis a sweeping romance for a new generation, telling a story of faith, family, hope, hardship, and most importantly, love, all through one man’s immense struggle to reunite with his soul mate. The book will take the reader on an emotional roller coaster, but will ultimately leave him with the same faith in and hope for love that Chris regains by the end of the novel.


“Game 3 series of the World: Yankees of New York 6, Cardinals of St. Louis, 2, no one ran home. Game 4 of the Series of the World: Yankees of New York 2, Cardinals of St. Louis 1, no one ran home,” Marie read.

I awoke from my long dream to a woman’s soft, gentle hand stroking my face. The warmth emanating from her hand against my anguished face brought more pleasure to me than I’d ever experienced. I felt wanted, watched over, cared for and loved for the first time in a very long time in my brief passage from the world of dreams back to consequential reality. I opened my eyes and stared into the tear-filled blue eyes of my French caretaker, Marie. Her long, flowing, black hair fell across her shoulders and hung just above me. Again I inhaled the scent of wild Oklahoma honeysuckle about her, one of my pleasant memories of home.

I looked at her with everything that made me who I was. My natural eyes saw a woman underdressed due to the harshness of war, barely fed, and tired from a long struggle against her nation’s invaders and against men who would invade her. The eyes of my heart, however, saw a soul mate, the other half of my unfinished self and every reason in the world to cling to life.

“I thought… I was losing…you,” Marie said in halting English.

“I have lost myself. Please help me find my way back,” I responded in a barely audible whisper. “Who won the series?” I asked.

She fumbled through some handwritten notes. “Game 5 of the Series of the World: Yankees of New York 2 and Cardinals of St. Louis 0. Dickey ran home for Yankee New Yorkers. Yankee New Yorkers are declared champions of the Series of the World!”


Kenneth W. Williams was born in Okmulgee, Oklahoma and raised there by his illiterate and twice widowed grandmother. While nothing was guaranteed to them, at the urging of his grandmother, he managed to go on to earn two degrees at Cornell University. Williams now resides in Connecticut with his wife and three children and works as an attorney and insurance executive. RED TAIL HEART is his first book.

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