SJ Maylee’s Elite Crew – Who, What, Where?

Recently, I created a new closed Facebook Group called SJ Maylee’s Elite Crew.SJs Elite Crew Button

I wanted a place where I could share bits of my writing long before I share them here, a place where I could share news and covers as soon as they are available, a place where I could share what inspires me.

This past weekend, I shared a snippet from my current work in progress with the crew. I’m hoping this story will be the 2nd book in my Club Blind Series. I’m so in love with this couple and their struggles with the tugs and pulls in their lives. They belong together. I can see it and now I’m getting them to feel it. Damn, they’re hot. 😀

couple in the dark

Swoon. I love this picture!

Back to the crew, I also wanted a place where I could interact with my readers and get to know you better. ❤

If you enjoy my books and would like to have the inside scoop on what I’m working on, advanced looks at my new releases, and everything fun, I hope you’ll consider joining the crew.

We can be found here:

All you need to do is request to join and the fun will begin.

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