Links of the week #22

Back to my regular patterns this week. I have writing links for you and a music pick from Jeff. The video is a funny clip from Fred Armisen’s show “Portlandia”

The coolest thing: Kristen Lamb you are awesome! She has created a place for writers to not be alone 😉 you can chat with other writers in your genre and it’s a place to learn from WRITERS. Hurry, click away, come back to my list later I Bring You…A Gift–A New Era for the Digital Age Artist

Cassandra Carr : Thursday Thirteen 6/7/12- 13 cool phone apps for authors be sure to check the comments too

Aimee L. Salter at Seeking the Write Life : The Three Things You Need to Make Your Book GREAT

Roni Loren : How To Write Love Scenes That Don’t Suck – A Free Class!


M J Wright : Worldbuilding: top tips for tantalising titles


Shannon Donnelly was at Writers In The Storm this week : When to TELL the Story


Sharla Rae at Writers In the Storm : Does Your Story Lack A Heartbeat?

Scene Breaks & Transitions

Janice Hardy from The Other Side of the Story : Moving Forward: Writing Smooth Transitions


This week via Stina Lindenblatt and her cool links FridayI found Margo Berendsen : 21 ways to make your plot more compelling

Book Trailers

Lynnette Labelle : Do Book Trailers Sell Books?


Jami Gold had a fabulous post this week with a big collection of ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Pitch Writing

Social Media

Kristen Lamb : Can Facebook Hold Your Fan Page Hostage? Fallout from the IPO Debacle & How It Affects YOU

Music from Jeff

“Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood” by St. Vincent, from the album “Actor”

St. Vincent is actually Annie Clark.  I think she got her break playing with the Polyphonic Spree.  She’s a wonderful singer/songwriter/guitarist.

Her music is so interesting to me.  I can hear the influences, but the way in which she stirs them up and spits them out is very unique to her.  I think it starts with her guitar style and musical knowledge.  She’s not the average singer/songwriter nor is she the average guitarist.

I’ve heard that she writes the tunes on the guitar and then deconstructs them in the studio.  I really like that idea and the end result.  Sometimes it can be a little too out there for me but then, after a few listens, I’m back in again.  That’s the point, it seems – draw the listener in right away but also give us something to discover over time.  I think all truly great music does this.

I’ve also seen some clips of her playing her songs stripped down to just voice and acoustic guitar.  It’s clear that all the studio production is merely a means to create interesting layers to already great tunes.

Plus, she has Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley’s drummer) on drums.  Musically, you can’t go wrong with that guy in your band!

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