Spotlight: Heart of the Dragon by Myra Nour and Author Advice

 Heart of the Dragon (Volarn #2) by Myra Nour

published by: New Concepts Publishing

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Today I have the tremendous pleasure of welcoming multi-published author Myra Nour to my ehome. What a treat. One of my very first loves in story telling was science fiction, but of course it must have romance and Myra’s got it all. Plus, today she’s sharing advice for new authors. Love it. Thank you, Myra. Don’t miss the blurb for Heart of the Dragon below and of course all Myra’s links above. Click on her pretty cover to add Heart of the Dragon to your Goodreads list.

Advice to New Authors

There are many things you can do as a new author to help your first book become more successful. The first thing is to make a website, and as nice as you can or that you can afford to pay to get done. Setting up a blog is a good way to gain readers attention and build a fan base. Of course you post information on your books, but you can draw more readers by also hosting other authors with interviews, reviews, and posts.

Promoting your book is very important. While I was rambling in a bookstore recently, I looked around at the rows upon rows of books and thought “how does an author get noticed”? It is tough unless you are well-known. Then of course there are other avenues like the web where it seems tons of books are for sale.

Promoting your work not only brings you to the attention of new readers, but it gives you name recognition. One reader will pass onto their friend that if they are looking for an interesting paranormal to try so and so. Word of mouth is one of the best promotional tools for authors. Join groups to share your excerpts and author news.

That brings us to reviews. The word will spread when your reviews start rolling in, so pursue those reviews! If you are not independently published, your publisher will usually send out your books to certain sites for a review. This doesn’t mean you cannot try to gain more reviews yourself; you can. Get the list of sites from you publisher so you aren’t hitting up sites that already have your book.

Indie authors have to find review sites to send their work to, and Net galley is a place you can register your book to be reviewed. Another good way to get reviews is to take a virtual tour. The hosts will give you reviews, interviews, guest posts, excerpts, and do a giveaway. It depends on what each hosts wants as to what you receive from your visit to their site. This can bring a lot of new readers in to view your work.

Some authors create their own tours, while many do not have the knowledge or time to do so. Virtual tours can be purchased from companies who conduct a tour for you – from finding the hosts to letting you know what each hosts wants.

These are just a few promotional tips. You have to “make a presence” on the internet for yourself and your books.

Good luck!

Myra Nour


Can Eric, a tough, handsome Green Beret from Earth, convince Kasha, the stubborn warrior princess of Volarn, that he loves her? Not before they experience adventure in the haunted wastelands, discover a baby dragon, and explore the hot, sensual side of their relationship.

Travel back to Volarn for more magical romance and new adventure with King Rhamus’s sister, Kasha, and Olga’s brother, Eric. If you loved Love’s Captive, be enchanted with Volarn Chronicles Book Two. Find out what secret makes Kasha run from love. Follow the characters’ fox and hound game of love, as each pushes the other to their limits, climaxing in a daring rescue that changes everything. Be warned, this book is filled with humor and love that knows no bounds. And an adorable, goofy dragon that will win your heart, so that you will be asking “How do I adopt a dragon of my own!”

Thank you again, Myra. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and Heart of the Dragon with us.