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I have a special visitor today. She’s one of the nicest people you’ll meet on social media and her blog is not to be missed. I’m very pleased to have Kitt Crescendo here to give us an inside look to how Three For All came together. Enjoy!

Story telling can be a funny, unpredictable thing. Sometimes even the creator doesn’t know where their characters will lead them. In fact, that’s actually how this particular novelette came to be!

I’d written another novelette, sent the final edits to my editor and shared it with my beta readers only to realize that 3 of my characters were screaming at me for a back story! What’s a writer to do? I put the other book on the back burner and went to work.

Drumming my fingers on my desk, trying to figure out what to do, I heard a song….

Jessie James’ “Boys In The Summer.”

That song reminded me of summertimes spent along Lake Michigan and sent my imagination soaring with possibility…..and Three For All was born.

Of course now that the back story is finally complete, I get the opportunity to revisit the other piece, Four One Night. I’m looking forward to sharing that one shortly!

Have you ever read a book and practically heard a song playing in the background? What was the name of the song and the matching book? (I’m a huge reader and music buff, so I love to know these things!)

Three For All WEBSITE USEThree For All

By: Kitt Crescendo

Novelette, Published December 25, 2013


What would you do if you had a chance to make one of your wildest fantasies come true? If you’re anything like me, you go for it.

I love my boyfriend, Michael. James is one of my best friends. Who could blame me for having a racy dream or three? Add a little sun and fun vacation and suddenly that dream doesn’t seem so impossible. Do I dare? You only live once.

Excerpt for Three For All:

“Oh, come on,” James whined. “You’re not seriously going to make me go play by myself.”

“That was a loaded statement.” I bit my tongue to keep from giggling over James’ inadvertent innuendo. “But seriously, there are always options.”

“Options?” His eyes were nearly black with intensity, his curiosity was caught. “Such as?”

“Well,” I smiled brightly and stepped between both men, “We could always head back to your uncle’s cottage. Much more privacy there.”

James shook his head as he took a step back. “Oh, hell no. This is my vacation too. We are not going back there just so I can sit all by myself in my room while you two get your freak on, christening every room in the place. Been there, done that. No thanks. Not today. Love you, but no.”

The urge to do a happy dance at the opportunity that just landed in my lap was nearly irresistible. Instead, I batted my eyes at them playfully as my hands found their way up both men’s chests, enjoying the feel of firm muscle. “Who said you had to be by yourself?”

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Bio for Kitt Crescendo:

Kitt Bio PicI’ve always been an avid reader with a vivid imagination, cementing my role as family story teller and librarian. As a military brat, I told stories to my younger siblings to keep them entertained while we travelled the world. Following my mother’s lead, poetry was my first medium for writing. With my love of all things steamy and romantic, it was only a matter of time before I began to write my own sexy stories.

I live with my best friend who I’m also lucky enough to call my husband, and my two dogs. Despite living in Florida, I’m a Midwestern girl at heart. I’m passionate about music, coffee and chatting it up with people who share my passions.

Where to Find Me: