Breaking it Down with Jenna Owens author of Taught


by Jenna Owens

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

EC for Men line

Release Date: January 16, 2013 TODAY!!

Length: Short Quickie

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As it turns out Social Media is pretty social. Today I’m sharing my new bestie with you. I’ve never met Jenna in person, but with a couple of tweets I knew we were going to get along well. Today she releases her first Quickie and couldn’t be happier for her. You might catch us doing the happy dance on twitter today. PLUS, I put her on the hot seat and got her to answer a couple of questions. But first, check out her BLURB, below the Q&A you’ll find a hot little tease that you won’t want to miss and at the very bottom you’ll find Jenna’s BIO and the BUY LINK. Enjoy 🙂


Dr. Collins has always fantasized about the female students in his college classes. Many of those fantasies focused on doing naughty things right in his own office, but he never expected one of his students, a sexy girl named Elizabeth, would have fantasies of her own, and that he plays a starring role in them.

For the entire semester, Elizabeth had had fantasies about Dr. Collins. Now she wants the real thing. She’s not looking for a relationship. All she wants is him. Inside of her. And Dr. Collins doesn’t have an advanced degree for nothing. He’s a smart guy, and he’s going to take advantage of the opportunity that’s literally landed in his lap.

Q & A:

Picture your favorite place in the world. Now, can you tell us a little bit about the place you’ve pictured?

It would have to be at home spending time with my kids.  There are no people in the world who know, understand, love, and accept me like my children do.

Think of the last book you read that made a lasting impression on you. What was it that made such an impression?

I haven’t finished it yet, but I am in the process of reading The Hobbit for the very first time, after watching the movie twice and loving it.  I plan to read the entire series this year.

I have always loved the fantasy genre, although I regretfully have neglected it over the most recent years.

I like the whole unlikely hero scenario. I think we all secretly wish we could overcome evil and protect people!

What turns you on creatively?

I find ideas everywhere-television, books, real life.  There are stories waiting to be told or created everywhere you look!

How did the idea for your current release come to you?

I saw a submission call, and was like AH HA! By George, I’ve got it!

What quality do you most admire in yourself? 

I have a huge heart. I always try to see the good in people and situations.

Which living person(s) do you most admire?

Children who are fighting cancer and their families.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I sure would like to try to be a billionaire! You know, just to see if I like it or not. That’s a profession, right?  😉

What is your greatest extravagance?

One thing I used to treat myself to monthly was $20 worth of extra dark chocolate truffles from Godiva. These delicious little pieces of heaven were dark chocolate, with dark chocolate inside, and rolled in cocoa. Unfortunately, the Godiva store near me closed, and I have had to go without them for over two years. *sob sob sob*

Tell us one thing that’s on your bucket list?

I started having children while I was pretty young, so one of the things I have not been able to do much of that I really want to is travel. Hawaii tops the list of places I want to go, but there is so much of the world that I want to see and discover!

What is your favorite music (genre/artist/album/song)?

Oh man, I am an oddball here. I like a wide variety of music. Everything from Broadway tunes to The Carpenters, Disturbed to Zebra.  I like country and some pop, and my one son has recently made me a fan of Dubstep. There isn’t a genre that I won’t at least explore, and I generally find something that I like.

Tell us a bit about the projects you are working on now?

I have another EC for Men in the works, and the beginning chapters of 2 novels started. One is a sweet, erotic romance. In the other, I am going to try my hands at erotic horror.


“Show me,” Elizabeth demands.

“Wha…what do you mean?”

“I want you to show me how you jerk off, Dr. Collins. I want to watch you.” She struts back to the desk across from me, pulls her skirt up, sits down and places her well-manicured hand down inside her panties. She does not begin moving them.

I’m staring at her, stunned into inaction. Of course I had fantasized about this very thing, but now that it really is happening, I’m not as confident as I’d been when it was all played out in my head. In fantasy, I had control over what was going on. Right now, I have no idea what is going to happen.

Elizabeth pulls her hand out of her underwear and looks at me impatiently. “Do you want to watch me work my pussy or not?”

I nod.

“Then you’d better get going. Fair is fair.” She stands and slides her flip flops and panties off. I see her round, firm derriere as she turns, then sits back down on the desk, naked ass slapping against the wood,  her feet on opposite corners so I have a view of her perfect pussy, glistening and slightly gaping. Her fingers hover above her cunt, almost, but not quite touching herself.


An incurable romantic with a naughty side, Jenna loves to discover where her characters take her as she tells their stories. Jenna lives in NY with Mr. Happily Ever After and her five children, two dogs and cat.

She loves to hear from fans! Feel free to contact her via social media or email.