It’s Time to Party and Give Stuff Away!

There are TWO huge multiple day Facebook parties going on this week


I’ll be at both of them sharing secrets, playing games, and giving stuff away


You are invited to both parties!


Evernight’s party starts on Thursday.

In fact, the first author will be taking over at 9am Eastern this Thursday.

The party continues on until Friday night. Over 40 Evernight authors!!


My time slot is 7:30pm – 8:00pm Eastern


The Get Your Jingle on party starts on Friday afternoon and goes through Sunday night!

There will be over 50 authors at this event.


My time slot is 7:00pm – 7:30pm Eastern

Notice anything familiar about my time slots?

Ask me a question about one of my books at both parties and I’ll send you any one of my ebooks. Your Choice!

Click to see my books page

Happy International Read-An-eBook Day!

Whenever I leave home, I always have at least one book with me. I’m that girl. Now a days, I don’t leave home without my ereader. No longer do I have just one book with me. I now have hundreds of ebooks with me. That’s a beautiful thing. You should also know, I refer to my ereader as my precious. Please tell me your voice changed when you read that. No? Okay, please try again. My precious. 😉

Here she is. *blows kisses*

My Precious

Happy 1st International Read-An-eBook Day!

My fabulous publisher, Evernight Publishing, is doing a couple of things to make today grand. First. all ebooks are 25% off at their site.

click the pic to visit the Evernight Publishing site

Plus, they’re throwing an amazing party today over on Facebook. Click this pic to jump over to the party.

click the pic to see the party on Facebook

Evernight Publishing will be randomly giving away gift certificates throughout the day. I’ll be sharing from a couple of my books and my coming soon title, In the Blind. I may have a few other surprises. 🙂 Come on over, have fun, and get to know these fabulous authors. The party starts at noon, Eastern.

Here’s a list of participating authors:

J. J. Lore
Nikka Michaels
Carlene Flores
Donina Lynn
Erin Leaf
Nicola Cameron
Beth D. Carter
Jenika Snow
Doris O’Connor
Elodie Parkes

6:00PM – 7:00PM
S.J. Maylee
Elyzabeth M. VaLey
We have a fun game planned. 😀

London Saint James
Jewel Quinlan
Michelle Monkou
Khloe Wren
Moira Callahan
April Zyon
Lila Shaw
Sandra Bunino