Inside Look with Eve Meridian author of Sam’s Learning Curve

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Inside Look logo by SJI have a treat for you today. Eve Meridian is here with her new release from one of my favorite lines, Romance on the Go! Eve’s sharing all kinds of stuff with us and I got her to answer some questions too. Enjoy.

Thank you, Sidney, for having me on today! I’m excited about my newest release with Evernight, and I’m hard at work on my next project. I know that you’ve had a recent release as well, so you know how exciting it is to get your creations out into the world! Wishing you the best of luck with Taking Chances!

Aw! Thank you, Eve. I know you’ve shared the blurb and an excerpt below, but tell us a little bit about your new release.

My latest published piece is Sam’s Learning Curve. It is part of the multi-author Romance on the Go line offered by Evernight Publishing. It has a little bit of humor mixed in with some sexy scenes.

Yeap, this sounds like something I want to read. Okay, here we go, first question:  Picture your favorite place in the world. Now, can you tell us a little bit about the place you’ve pictured?

My favorite place is a sandy beach in the late afternoon. The sun is shining, my toes are in the sand, and the water rushes to cover them every few minutes with the upcoming tide. Oh, and I’m drinking a frothy adult beverage with an umbrella in it.

Nice! That sounds lovely. 🙂 Tell us about yourself: Who are you and why did you start writing?

I have always been an avid reader and have dabbled in writing for years. (Seriously, I started my first novel in the 3rd grade. I didn’t finish it, though.) I have a B.A. with an emphasis in Creative Writing and English Lit. A few years ago, my husband bought me a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I had no idea that the ebook industry was such an incredible market. After reading a number of books via my Kindle, I realized it was time for me to pursue my dream of being a published author. I didn’t set out to write romance, but I found that I really liked it.

The ereaders certainly do open us up to a whole new world. When you are not writing what are your favorite hobbies?

I’m a runner, currently in training for my first marathon. It’s a great way to stay in shape and decrease stress. I also like yoga. And drinking red wine. (Actually, I love red wine.)

Impressive. My dad was a track and cross country coach, but I never really ran, until last year actually. I prefer red to white wine. After spending some time in Italy many years ago, I enjoy a good glass of red. Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?

So many challenges – such as making the time to write and committing to getting it done. Then there’s the questions to self-publish or submit it to a publisher who may or may not accept it. I decided to send my work to Evernight because I really liked their selection. They are also very easy to work with.

They are so easy to work with. We are very lucky, Eve. 🙂 Which one of your characters would you most like to meet in real life?

Hmmm…probably Ben, from Sam’s Learning Curve. I like a man with tattoos and a motorcycle with a head for business. There’s something sexy about that combination.

Yes, definitely sexy. What is your greatest fear?

There’s too many to list – just kidding. Skydiving used to be a big fear, but I conquered that by trying it. I’m still here, so it worked out okay. 😉 And although I love motorcycles, part of the adrenaline rush is from fear, so I took the motorcycle safety course and learned to actually ride one.

I don’t think I’ll ever have the guts to jump out of a plane. Yes, I’m very impressed. What is your greatest extravagance?

Hmm…I guess that would be my Frye boots.

Sweet! I’d love a pair. What is your favorite music (genre/artist/album/song)?

I like all types of music. My current favorite (especially while running) is “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. I also love Cee-lo, The Dixie Chicks, Franz Ferdinand, Gwen Stefani, Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s, The Black Keys, Dropkick Murphys….I could go on, but I’ll stop.

My musical tastes are eclectic as well. Tell us a bit about the projects you are working on now?

I’m currently working on what I hope will be the first book in a series. It’s about a woman who finds her true calling after a divorce and a job loss. Of course, she also finds her true love. But the road to love is rarely easy….

That sounds like something I’d like to read too. Hurry up and finish it. 🙂 Okay. Give us a closer look at Sam’s Learning Curve.


Sam's Learning Curve cover - click to see on GoodreadsSam is perfectly fine being single. She has a job that she loves and the company she works for is promoting her after she finishes her M.B.A. She has great friends and a newly found love of running. Then she meets Ben, the sexy bike builder who just moved back into town and is unlike anyone she’s ever dated. Can she overcome her fear of getting hurt again and the fear of riding motorcycles so she doesn’t miss out on a great guy? Is it finally time for Sam to learn how to love again?


“So how was your first ride? Did you like it?” he asked as he walked up and stood beside her.

She turned to him. “I loved it,” she said simply. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Ben was glad. It seemed important to him that she liked riding. He didn’t know why, but he found himself drawn to her.

“Seriously, I needed that. I guess I just didn’t know it.” She looked up at him with a smile playing on her luscious lips.

“Glad to be of service, ma’am,” he said as he turned towards her.

She closed the gap between them so that their bodies touched. Her chest was against his, and it felt like every point of contact between their two bodies was electrified. She had slid her sunglasses up on to her head, and he could see directly into her eyes.

He leaned down slightly, and the next thing he knew, their mouths were touching. Their kiss was tentative at first, but within seconds it grew. Her lips parted, and he slid his tongue into her mouth. She tasted sweet, and he leaned closer to her, wanting more. He felt her arms wrap around his neck and pull him in even closer. The next thing he knew, his hands were around her waist, grinding her body against his.


About the author:

I live in a small Ohio town with my military husband, two daughters, a neurotic cat named Max and a Lab/Newfoundland mix named Freyja. I’m an avid runner. I love writing (and reading) contemporary romances. Coffee and red wine are my two favorite food groups.

Here’s where I can be found online:



Twitter @Eve_Meridian