Daily Picspiration – Memory Box

I’m back at Daily Picspiration today ~~> http://picspiration.blogspot.com <~~ with a brand new flash.

In this flash, I was inspired by a picture of a pair of hot pink Chuck Taylors. I thought it could be an image of a memory long forgotten. The moment she remembers falling in love and losing her best friend at the same time. You’ll need to read the flash to find out if things worked out for Jessica.

Daily Picspiration has new posts everyday. Each member posts once every other week. I post every other Monday. A couple of pictures are chosen and the writer chooses the length, genre, and subject matter, but we have to tie in one or both of the photos into the story.

You’ll have to let me know if you’d like to read more from this story.

Visit Daily Picspiration to read a little about each author. You can go back daily for something new and, of course, go today to read my new flash, Memory Box. Enjoy.