Mid Week Tease! “I’m definitely not a serial killer.” Assassins and Sweethearts Series #ComingSoon

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My next release is coming soon. The edits will land in my inbox any day now. This will be the third book in my Assassins and Sweethearts Series and it tells Aidan’s story.

I’ve jumped ahead from last week. In this scene, Liz has invited Aidan up to her apartment for … well, you know. 🙂 But now she’s second guessing her great idea.

❤ ❤ ❤


“Shit. This is pretty dumb of me to invite you up here. For all I know you could be a serial killer.” The elevator opened on her floor and she scooted out ahead of him. Now, her building security felt insufficient. How had she let Sherri and Emily talk her into this? Because she needed this. She really needed this.

“Well, I’m not.”

She turned on a dime and walked backwards toward the stairway. “Not what? You’re not a killer?”

“I’m definitely not a serial killer.”

“Ah.” She snorted and covered her mouth.

“Besides, you did Google me.”

“Well, that no longer seems enough.” She tilted her head and tried to figure him out. “Or am I overthinking again?” She sucked on her bottom lip. Sherri would tell her to listen to her instincts and they were screaming at her to give in to this incredibly handsome man. This is what she’d been looking for. This is what she needed.

They both took a step forward and bumped into each other. His mouth came within an inch of hers and he wrapped his arms around to squeeze her ass.

“I’m here tonight to bring us both incredible pleasures.” He claimed her lips. Strength plundered her mouth and his tongue caressed along hers. He smelled of the night air and something a bit spicy, aftershave maybe. White hot heat coursed through her. Oh yeah, she wanted this.

When they came up for air, she breathed in deep, “I believe you.”

He took a step away and pulled the keys from her hand. “Which one is yours?”


Book Description:

Elizabeth Martin thought she already had her happily ever after, that is until her husband mysteriously disappeared. Aidan Clery is a skilled assassin for hire who wants nothing more than to find the love of his life. Fate throws Liz in his path and everything is perfect, except Aidan just won the contract on her life.

The truth surrounding Liz’s estranged husband takes the pair on a dangerous journey. Nothing in their lives will ever be the same. Destiny may be unexpected but it will be up to Aidan and Liz to discover the truth and claim their real happily ever after.

Be Warned: light BDSM, bondage, anal play

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