Mid Week Tease “I want to see her dance.” A snippet from Desire Protected, Assassins and Sweethearts Series #FreeRead

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I’m teasing from my brand new FREE read, Desire Protected.

I’m starting from where I left off last week but this is all I’ll be sharing from this scene. To find out what happens next, pick up your free copy TODAY!

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“I’ve seen your type before. You will not steal this girl from me. If you want her, you’ll have to pay for her like all the others. I won’t allow you to make any sideline deals. All transactions go through me.”

“I want to see her dance.” He kept a hold on Nadia. “Surely you don’t want to stop me from seeing the merchandise.” He took a quick glance at the gun. The slide was locked back. There was no way of knowing if she knew how to get the gun ready to fire.

“I have plenty of girls available for sale. This one is new and clearly doesn’t understand our protocol. Let me get her in the back, and then you and I can talk about how we do things around here.” She crooked her finger at Nadia. “Come on, girl.”

Nadia slipped from his grip and stepped around him. “It’s okay, Sir. I’ll go, and then you and Bev can take care of business.” She kissed his cheek and gazed into his eyes. He spotted her strong furrowed brow. He also didn’t miss the beads of sweat along her temple. It didn’t please him to see the clear signs of fear but, in the right amount and mixed with her strength, it could be what she needed to survive a night like this.

He ground his teeth as she walked out of his reach.


Nadia Duskin has already found her hero and she’s determined not to lose him…

Ethan Wright has just been handed one of the most disturbing jobs of his career, killing a vicious madam who’s tricking her employees and selling them to human traffickers. He’s determined to take the woman out, and all is going according to plan, until Nadia shows up and everything veers off course. Now he must find a way to complete his mission and save the woman he loves.

Be Warned: spanking, light BDSM

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