Ten New Things to know about the Love Projects Series

taking-over4 300x450I’m excited and still a bit nervous to be finally sharing Taking Over, the third story in my Love Projects Series. It’s the story that will change everything in this series. The heroine is the trouble maker from the first two books and she hasn’t given you a single reason to like her, yet. Oh boy!

Since there are now three books in the series, I thought I should give you an updated ten things list. My first ten things post, from last June, can be found here and that post includes the *extra love scene from Taking Chances.

  • All of the Love Project stories are standalones. However, if you read the whole series, you will find fun overlaps. This time around you’ll even get a tie in from the first book in my Club Blind Series, In the Blind. More on that below.
  • I updated the chart! This is where I show my dorky organization skills. Lol. I’ve added Untangle Me, Unravel Me (Executive Assistant Anthology) and Unshakable Me (Uniform Fetish Anthology) since they are written in this world as well. Thought you’d like to see where they fit in the time line.

Love Projects chart 2015

  • The first book, Taking Chances (Jake and Lydia’s book) ended on the same day the second book, Taking Courage (Simon and Janna’s book) begins. You can see TAKING OVER starts before Taking Chances ends. TAKING OVER begins just before the epilogue in Taking Chances. During the first scene you’ll find Gina dealing with how she treated Lydia. You might be surprised how she feels or not. Lol. But I will tell you that she immediately searches for solace at the spanking benches.
  • Miles from Unshakable Me plays a small important role in TAKING OVER. Brad, a secondary character in Untangle Me, plays a small significant role too. Marcus is hoping to pay him back for his help. Wonder if he’ll get his wish when Brad is the hero in Club Blind 2?
  • If you read Taking Courage, you might remember the scene where Gina is caught flirting with Janna’s Dom, Simon. With one firm word from Marcus, Gina walks out of Simon’s office. What happens next between Marcus and Gina? Well, that scene is in TAKING OVER.
  • If you’ve read In the Blind, you know Gina was married. In fact, her divorce became final just before Taking Chances begins. Was Gina jealous of Lydia’s luck at finding love when her own heart was broken? Maybe.
  • So, who was Gina married to? She married one of her two best friends from high school, Rob, the hero from In the Blind. Their love might not have been meant to last, but Gina will always care for Rob. She sure put Jane, the heroine from In the Blind, through a few tests to make sure she was worthy.
  • So, who was that other best friend from high school? It was Marcus of course.
  • Marcus and Rob have remained best buds all these years. I think you might be surprised who is Gina’s best friend at the end of TAKING OVER.
  • Keller, the owner of Club Voyage and the CEO of Voyage Industries, has been at least mentioned in all of my Evernight books, even Desire Unexpected (Assassins and Sweethearts 1). Just like in the first two books, he plays match maker in TAKING OVER. Keller’s book will wrap up my Love Projects Series. Do you know who his heroine will be?

Where you can find TAKING OVER:
Amazon | Evernight
BookStrand | All Romance Ebooks

Bonus logo by SJ

I wrote an extra scene last year when Marcus was getting Club Blind ready to open. You can see in the chart up above that In the Blind takes place before TAKING OVER begins. Anyways, I’ve placed the scene here. You get a little from both Gina’s and Marcus’s POV.


Gina ran down the stairs armed with her directive from Master Keller, but also to finally find out what Marcus was up to. She had no idea why he ranked so high on Keller’s list. If Marcus was up to something shady, she’d make sure he answered for it.

Keller told her she’d find Marcus in the basement. She opened the heavy door to the final set of stairs and found the first bland looking corner of the building. The walls were cinder-block and the stairs were nothing but wood planks. She searched for a light switch and found none, luckily there was just enough light. She skipped down a couple steps, eager to complete her mission. The door shut behind her with a quite whoosh and then nothing. She no longer heard the club members or the music from the club above.

Once at the bottom of the stairs, she was greeted by more cinder-block, these were painted black. There were a few naked light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, but still no light switches. The hall was lined with doorways and they all seemed to open to the same emptiness, black rooms with no doors.

“What is this place?” A sinking feeling filled her gut. She searched the corners for cobwebs and found none, not even a speck of dust on the cold dark floor. She did find one door in the long hall. Slowly, she pushed it open and revealed an overly white space filled with lockers and then the lights went out.

“Shit.” She let the door close and backed up a step into the hallway. “Marcus.” She looked left, right and saw nothing but black. She closed her eyes and felt her way to the hallway wall. Soothing music poured into the space. She couldn’t place the speakers. They seemed to be surrounding her.

There were times in her life she hadn’t felt safe and she told herself this wasn’t one of them. Her heartbeat continued its rise. She was still in Keller’s building and she knew Marcus was here somewhere.

“Marcus.” She reached out in front of her. Nothing.

She took a deep breath and pressed her palms against the wall behind her back, the grooves in the blocks grounded her. She knew where she was, but why was she here? Upstairs she knew what to do, whatever the Dom demanded. An intense heat warmed her from within. What would be asked of her in a space like this, one where she couldn’t even see?

She tucked her hair behind her ear, the movement feeling more intense, more deliberate. She felt her way up her arm, around her neck, and to her chest. She arched her back, wishing she had a Dom here now commanding her next move.

“Marcus,” she called into the nothing.


Marcus ended his call with Keller and slipped on his night vision goggles over his forehead. They’d finally come in and he was eager to try them out, especially now that the paint was dry and the space was free of the wretched smell. He still had a ton of work before the club could open their doors, but if he didn’t ensure the patrons couldn’t really see, it would be all for nothing.

The familiar brushing sound of the door at the top of the stairs opening alerted him that it was time for his test. His phone dinged twice, signaling the door opening and then closing. Keller certainly had decked out the club with top security details. Each item would keep the guests safe and one step closer to that single mind blowing pleasure filled experience. He remained in his position in the last room, waiting for whoever Keller sent down to make their way into the club.

“What is this place?”

He heard the whispered words from the last person he wanted to see in his club. “Fucking Keller.” He tapped out the code on his phone and the lights went out. After putting his goggles over his eyes, he turned on the music, slipped his phone into his pocket, and made his way into the hallway.

Gina stood in the middle of the hall, as gorgeous as ever. His cock hardened as it always did when he saw her. She called his name and he clenched his fists. This was an experiment and that was all, nothing more.

He made his way down the hall. She’d positioned herself against the wall. When she reached out, she almost caught him on the shoulder. He moved out of her way just in time. As he observed her, she seemed to be relaxing into her surroundings. Then she arched her back and pushed out her luscious breasts, inviting him to command her.

“Marcus.” She called with her sinful lips and he knew his test was over.

He stepped back, pushing his goggles onto his forehead, and then turned the lights on and the music off.

“What the hell, Marcus.” She looked around and then came at him, hands on her hips.

“Thanks for coming down. You can crawl back upstairs and tell Keller the test was successful.”

“That’s it?”

“You’re forgetting your place, sub.” He took a step to her and the light musky scent of her arousal made his hard cock jump.

She held his gaze for several heart beats and then looked down, but continued to lean toward him.

“That’s better.” He indulged in another deep breath of her. “You’re excused.”

Love Projects - 3 covers

4 thoughts on “Ten New Things to know about the Love Projects Series

  1. I love how the all overlap each other. It is always fun seeing all the characters pop up.

    Side Note: I know who Ivy’s cousin is, but I don’t know if that bit of info is common knowledge.

    Can’t wait for Keller’s story!! After all his matching making, it’s time for some matching for himself. I can’t wait to see what Anne will put him through!!

    • Yes, you do know who Ivy’s cousin is. 🙂 I’m actually hoping to add Jake and Lydia to a conversation in the 2nd Club Blind book. Not sure it will happen, but I’m hoping.

      I cannot wait to dig into Keller and Anne’s story.

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