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I’m so excited to share that Kacey Hammell has a new release! Squee! I got an early read on this one and I was blown away. I encourage you to add this to your TBR list. Guarding Midnight is a must read.

It’s my pleasure to give me blog over to Kacey today. She’s sharing what a good writer needs, all the details on her new release and a sexy excerpt too. Enjoy! ❤


Sometimes, it takes a village. And it’s true. It takes a cohesive family to raise a child right. It takes a band of friends and family to pull off a great wedding. It takes a group of friends to support an actor, singer or a writer.

A good writer needs:

A great story, a fabulous editor, an amazing proofreader, honest and no holds barred critique partners, a skilled cover artist, and a supportive publisher.

I’ve been lucky enough to have all those, and one person  in particular has been in my corner for a number of years. She’s the one that I can email every day, cry on her shoulder, tell my deepest secrets to, rant to about when my husband is being a dick (which doesn’t happen often), and share the joys of family, writing, and have a camaraderie of sisterhood.

She’s very important to me. A dear, dear friend, whom I couldn’t help name my heroine after in Guarding Midnight. Shree “Walker” is a wonderful, living and breathing woman who I could rave on and on about for days (she’ll read this, so I better not), and I just hope that when she gets the chance to finally sit and read the full edition of the book, she’ll be pleased with the results. (She did read it long, long before it was a finished first draft! But it’s changed drastically since then!)

So to my dear, Shree… Love ya. Thank you. For everything! xoxo.


GuardingMidnight-medGuarding Midnight

by Kacey Hammell

Canadian Muscle 1


ISBN: 978-1-77233-292-6

Released April 1st with Evernight Publishing


Canadian Muscle …

When Desires Need Protecting.

No one knows sacrifice better than former Army Sergeant Gavin Bennett. He’s witnessed firsthand the emotional, physical and mental toll of being caught in the crossfire. Being a bouncer-slash-bodyguard may not be Gavin’s dream job, but he’s willing to do just about anything to help out family. When Gavin reports for his first day of work, he quickly discovers a woman who threatens to crack his legendary cool.

Shree Walker is on the run from a dark past she tried to shut away. Battered and broken, a happily ever after doesn’t exist for her. Ready to start fresh with a new life in a new city, she is happy dancing at the Vixen Club. She’d be even happier without the presence of the prickly new bouncer who won’t let anyone or anything get past his carefully guarded defenses. He’s a distraction she doesn’t need. And a temptation she can’t resist.

When Shree is kidnapped by the criminal mastermind hell-bent on taking the club at any cost, Gavin has to make a decision. Hold tight and continue to keep Shree at arm’s length. Or break down his walls and take a chance on something more powerful than them both: Love.

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“You women are so pigheaded.” He inched a step closer. “You never know when to shut up and just listen. I’m trying to take care of all of you here.”

“Then go tell some of the other girls. You’ve given me my orders. Fine. You’re done. We’re done.” Chin up, Shree turned away.

He grabbed her arm, startling her. She spun back, legs unsteady, and reached out blindly as she began to fall.

The world spun around her, and she braced to hit the floor.

Warmth wrapped her waist, and then darkness smashed into her.

A deep groan brought her back. Scanning the room, the realization hit her. She was atop Gavin. She gasped. His strong body had broken her fall, though she’d probably end up with some bruises. He gazed at her with his beautiful cognac eyes.

Getting involved with him would be a very bad idea. She had to study, work hard to finish school and get away from clubs for good. She searched his gaze, searching for what she didn’t know. Maybe some sign that her heart wouldn’t be bruised after he was done with it.

“Shree.” Jesus. Her name rolled off his lips almost like a growl. The rasp put her body into overdrive. Her pussy clenched and pricks of electricity tingled along her back.

This man wasn’t right for her. She was going to get hurt. Deep in her gut, she knew it. And she always listened to her gut. Always.

Not this time.

No, she couldn’t—wouldn’t—miss out on taking what she could. For herself. To forget school, the job, and the past, she’d jump in with both feet and screw what might happen.

She captured his mouth with hers. A deep moan of delight escaped her.

His palms skimmed up her back, his mouth opening wide and allowing her entrance into the deep recesses of him. Stale coffee and mint coated her tongue.

Her palms skimmed over his bald head, caressing with her fingertips, acquainting herself with the feel of him. She lingered at each bump and scar, over his ears to his cheekbones.

Never before had she tasted anything as delicious or been so engrossed in the textures of a man’s roughened skin before. Tight, tough skin that was from hard living, rough times, and that of a man’s man. He was glorious. An Alpha man who was allowing his woman to take the lead.

No. No, dammit, not his woman.

Shree pushed the annoying voice aside and pulled back. Staring at him, his eyes blazed with desire…no, there would be no going back now. For now, in this moment, she would be his woman. He could brand her, claim her as his, but only this once. And she’d walk away knowing the decision was all hers.

Sitting up, astride his hips, she held his gaze and tossed the towel from around her neck aside. Her palms skimmed over his chest. The blue button-down shirt he wore did little to hide the feel of his tight muscles. His warm palms sat on her thighs, as if waiting for her permission to touch.

She leered at him, certain he was anxious to take over, loving the feel of tension in his arms and pecs as he held himself in check. How he understood that she needed this, she didn’t know. Nor did she care.

Silence filled the small room as she opened the buttons of his shirt to the waist. There was a heaven, and she was looking at it. Naked golden skin and tight ridges took her breath away. He worked hard to stay in this shape. Who was she not to admire it?

“Keep looking at me like that and I’ll have you under me in five seconds.” His gravelly voice cut through her thoughts.

Empowered by the passion in his eyes, she grinned at him then shrugged. “Nothing wrong with that, but I like to be on top.” She shifted on his hips, her breath catching as she felt his hard shaft against her ass.

Oh yes, this man had been blessed very well. His length pushed against her, and fire spread from her pussy straight to her toes. Her nipples pebbled tight, aching and throbbing.

Her body rocked against his, friction from his jeans and the spandex covering her was delicious. It was crazy to be so into a man like Gavin so soon after meeting him. But her body led the way. It wanted the connection to him, needed to feel him inside and around her.

These tumultuous emotions were foreign to her.


“Shh, just hush,” she whispered, shifting her hips against his. She shoved the hem of her bra up over her breasts.

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous.” A growl erupted from his throat.

Gaze locked on his, she lifted his hands and pressed them against her aching nipples. She gasped. The heat of his touch swirled through her body. Shifting her hips down, her pussy lips cradled his shaft through their clothes.

Delirious. Out of control.

Her mind spun with images of how she wanted to ride him. The powerful friction from their clothing and his skin set her on fire. Adrenaline rushed through her, wanting him, and to satisfy the hunger racing over her.

Desperation this strong had never hit her so hard.

Her hands went to his belt, unbuckling it, and drew it apart.

He stilled her movements. “Are you sure?”

Shree withdrew from under his hold, yanked open the button, and parted the zipper. “Going to back out on me?” she challenged, fearing he’d leave her needy.

He chuckled. It was light and relaxed to her. “Not bloody likely.” His fingers pushed beneath the leg of her shorts, pulling it all into each hand.

Frowning, she gaped at him. “What are you do—” She screamed, body jerking as he pulled her shorts apart. Staring at the mess of spandex he held, her jaw dropped. It was like sitting atop the Incredible Hulk whose strength was feared while admired.

The garment lay in tatters, the waistband the only thing keeping the material around her. Gavin tossed the bits that remained in his palms over his head.

His touch eased over her bare mound, reawakening the arousal coursing through her. Thankful she hadn’t worn any underwear, she lifted a bit, allowing his fingers to slide between their bodies and find her clit.

Giving herself up to his touch, she sucked in a deep breath and tilted her head back.

Moisture coated her channel, filling her, making it easier for him to glide his fingers back and forth. Electric currents of heat surrounded her clit and her pussy tightened. Two digits slipped inside her, and the breath rushed out of her. His guttural moan cut through the air.

Her eyelids lifted. She needed to regain control. It was best for her to lead this brief interlude, and remind herself just how strong she could be, realize how much she could still love her body and the needs that couldn’t always be denied.

Adjusting up on her knees, she pushed his touch away. She lowered his jeans and underwear to the floor and off his feet. The gorgeous sight of his hard cock caught her breath and saliva filled her mouth.

She’d never given a man head before, and didn’t know if she could ever bring herself to do so, but in this moment, having him inside her cunt was way more important than anything.

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Avid Reader. Romance Author. Redhead…

Canadian-born author Kacey Hammell is definitely a book-a-holic. A romance reader from a young age, she fell in love with happily ever afters.  These days, as a multi-published erotic romance author, she enjoys adding a lot of heat, sass, and emotion to the many genres she writes.

A mom of three, Kacey has made certain each of her children know the value of the written word and the adventures they could escape on by becoming book-a-holics in their own right. She lives her own happily ever after with her perfect hero in Ontario, Canada, and is a true romantic at heart.

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