Weekend Writing Warriors – Janna Needs More

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Welcome friends old and new. I’m glad you came. Today, I’m sharing from the second in my Love Projects series, TAKING COURAGE.

LAST WEEK: Janna remembered what she forgot to tell Simon. THIS WEEK: I’ve skipped over a good bit because they’re parts I don’t want to give away. Today, I’m sharing the bit after Janna’s and Simon’s path cross again. He’s stopped her from leaving his office by pushing the door closed. The first line is Simon’s while they’re both still close and facing the door.

“You want to start over?”

“Yes, please.” The heat from his body soaked into her back. She wanted to press her hips into him. What would it feel like to be taken, right here?

“No more lies.”

“None, Sir.”

Her hips arched back to rub, seeking his hardness. She needed more.

Do you really think it will be that easy? 😉 I know how it all works out and so can you. Pick up your own copy of TAKING COURAGE and find out everything today. Also, TAKING CHANCES, the first in the Love Projects series is currently on sale at Evernight Publishing for only 99 cents. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, this is a great time to pick it up.

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Janna’s ready to make over her life and get out from under the controlling thumb of her father. She doesn’t want another failed arranged marriage. She’s ready to do whatever it takes for the career she wants, enter the lifestyle she craves, and to earn the trust and love of the man that has captured her heart, but heartbreak and career hiccups seem to be her destiny.

Simon’s still recovering after his last submissive lied her way into his life. He’s not ready for Janna and how she pushes against his prejudices. He needs to decide if he’s willing to lose her or if he’ll fight for her love and submission.


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Taking Courage - Janna

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16 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – Janna Needs More

  1. I’m glad they recovered from her omission-=–even if I’m dying to know what that omission is!

    I’m planning to buy this book as a reward for finishing a project, so I hope I won’t have to wait too long to find out. 🙂

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