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Welcome friends old and new. I’m glad you came. In case you missed my big news from a couple weeks ago, my debut is coming to Evernight Publishing. You better believe I’m still celebrating, lol. 😀

Once again, I’m sharing from my just started WIP…Gina’s still healing from divorce. Although she gets along with her ex, it’s his best friend, Marcus, that’s the last person she’d want to see on her night out at the local BDSM club, but that’s exactly who she ran into at the spanking benches. Last Week: After basically calling Gina a liar, Marcus stopped her from leaving and offered to help. This week: I’ve skipped nothing.

Once again, Marcus proved he was the good guy. She’d never liked him because he had a tendency to call her out on her mistakes and her latest was a doozy that ended her marriage.

“That’s nice of you, but it’s okay.” She took a step back.

“I can see that it’s not.” He took a step forward. “We can push past our history and live in this moment.” He grabbed her hand. “Let me help.”

He won’t let her take the easy way out.  <~ You can <tweet that> if you want. Hope you’ll come back and find out more about these two. Poor Gina, she’s still looking for release. Maybe next week, maybe. 😉 

Thank you so much for visiting me, it means a lot to me that you took the time to visit my little place on the web. Don’t forget to check out the other Weekend Warriors, the Snippet Sunday Facebook Groupand Saturday Spankings too.

20 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – One of the Good Guys

  1. It sounds like it go either way, with this guy… and for her sake I want him to kind… or for her to rise up to the challenge to be stronger… congratulations, by the way!

  2. Congrats again on the contract — I can’t wait to read that book. 🙂 I can see I’ve missed out on some good stuff with this couple. I’m definitely looking forward to more snippets!

  3. Nice tension. I like that they have a history that has pitted them against each other. Makes it a lot of fun moving beyond that. Good 8! And congrats to you on the contract! 🙂

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