Weekend Writing Warriors – She Called


Welcome friends new and old. I’m giving you 8 from my hero’s POV as promised. I kept my other promise this week too, I’ve sent this MS to my CP. Wahoo!

In the Blind (working title), and you can see the past posts from this WIP here. The Logline: When a head hunter finds her dream lover in a night of pitch black unrestrained passion, she fears she’ll never find him again. Fate steps in and throws the two together, but they might never discover the truth and stay in the blind.

Over the past few weeks I’ve shared Jane’s experience at Club Blind. Last Week Jane kept her mind from drifting to her mystery man, from the club, by working on a job opening for a VIP client. She met the perfect match for the job last month at a technology conference. She got Rob to agree to a meet. Lucky for us the first thing Rob does is call his best friend, Marcus.

“Marcus, she called.”

“Who is this?”

“Stop it, you know what I’m talking about.” He opened his closet and searched for the right suit.

“You think? You’ve only managed to squeeze Jane into almost every conversation since that convention.”

“No, I have not.”

“Do you want a recap?”

Sounds like those boys like to give each other a good ribbing. So, Rob has been thinking about Jane, very interesting. Do you want 8-more from this WIP next week? I could give you 8 from when Jane and Rob met or should I give you something from an entirely new WIP?

Thank you so much for visiting me, it means a lot to me that you took the time to visit my little place on the web. Don’t forget to check out the other Weekend Warriorsand Saturday Spankings too. I hope to see you again next Sunday.

27 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – She Called

  1. He’s been so passionate about Jane, he conveniently forgot he talks of her constantly! I like the playfulness between these two guys.

  2. Okay, so was it Marcus or Rob in the darkened club? (I’m kinda hoping it was Marcus, ’cause — wow! — talk about conflict.)

  3. This is getting very interesting. Will they get any weird vibes when they meet? Looking forward to next weeks snippet!

  4. I love that we get Rob’s POV. He is really into Jane. Is it because of her looks, her personality? When Marcus asks, “Do you want a recap?” I’m like YES! I wanna know why he’s so hooked on her. Great 8!

  5. Hmmm. Great set-up for a hot story. Love sense-deprevation as a way of accessing the more base emotions of the body and deeper levels of love. And wow, yes, I’m probably projecting here. 🙂

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