ROW80 check-in #51 Resolutions and Adventures

I had fun this week and a bit of adventure too. Here it is the end of February and I remembered to live out one of my New Year’s Resolutions. Do you remember yours? Dig them out, it might bring you a very happy day like it did for me.

One of my resolutions: Find time for the things I enjoy outside of books and Nia, like downhill skiiing…Take time each week to make sure one of these things is on my calendar.

We are coming to the end of ski season here in Michigan and, until recently, we weren’t getting a lot of snow. This week I faced an important decision: take advantage of the week and do something I enjoy or stay home and work on the lengthy to-do list. Hmm. It was a harder decision than it should have been.

it’s actually been two-years since I’ve skied. I know, terrible. Last year, I let the season slip by, but not this year. Luckily, skiing is much like riding a bike, your body’s muscle memory can remember what to do. Of course, the more often you ski the better your muscles will be at remembering.


After all the prep work of layering, gathering supplies, driving to the hill, getting on the boots, lugging my stuff in, getting my lift ticket, trekking to the lift, skis on, and butt in the chair…lift ;), I starting seeing many similarities to a writer’s life.

The more often your butt is in the seat the better you’ll be at your craft.

So, there I am at the top of the hill, such a pretty view, but I was not looking out at the view, nope. I was looking down at what looked like an icy terrain. Crap. My local hill is usually groomed so nicely, but the weather really hasn’t been cooperating this year with all the snows and melts and snows. So many things out of my control <– sounds like a writer’s life, doesn’t it. I reminded myself, I knew what to do, knees soft, weight forward, turn to slow down. Eek! I went for it.SJ's home hill

That first run was terribly shaky, the icy slope didn’t help. I wanted to hit the delete button and try again. I got back on the chair lift and went to a different trail. I tried something different, but I had the same results, another icy slope and a shaky run. It didn’t work for me. Again, I tried a different trail. On the chair lift, I remembered I had yet to put in my ear buds. What a difference music makes. The third trip down, I tried another trail, with the help of the music and finally a fluffy, un-icy terrain, I started to get my groove back. Over the next couple of runs, my confidence appeared, I gained speed, shifted better into my turns, and I flew down the hill. So much fun.

It took effort and determination. I had to put faith in my abilities. When it wasn’t working, I tried something a little different. I kept at it. I held on to my foundation and built on it. I didn’t give up. When it all came together, I had the time of my life. The runs became effortless.

For the next hour and a half I went up and down the hill and I had so much fun. The whole experience was an excellent reminder of what we live everyday with our writing.

And the bonus analogy: Taking off your boots feels so good it’s like… (I’ve heard some dirty endings to this sentence, but I’ll go a different way) the pure bliss to be found when you type “The End.”

Of course my to-do list is ugly now, but it was worth it. So, tell me, have you had an adventure lately or something that reminds you of the writing journey?

Also, have you had a chance yet to see my Most Romantic flash? The link is below if you want a look see.

The Goalsweek-7 results

  • Spend at least 1-hour a day with my characters- done.
  • Daily progress in writing craft, word count, editing, and/or plotting- almost done. I finished the forth AND got half way through the fifth Lectures in my Margie Packet. I only edited on two days. I didn’t get to this goal everyday. I need to dig into my edits next week, it’s currently slow going, I need to try again and find my groove. WEEK 8 PRIORITY
  • Workout a minimum of three times a week and round it out with plenty of water, sleep and my calorie limit- DONE. I got in three workouts this week. Wahoo 😀
  • Daily Nia study (i.e. studying the song/movement structure)- not done. WEEK 8 PRIORITY
  • Stay on top of my co-op preschool Treasurer responsibilities- done. I deposited a ridiculous amount of checks this week and did lots of reporting too.
  • Organize something in the house each week- done. My in-laws came to town this week so my organizing consisted of a deep clean (my father-in-law is  going through chemo). It was really good to see them both.

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10 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in #51 Resolutions and Adventures

  1. I think that any trip to the ski hill where no broken bones occurred is a good day.
    Right now, in the midst of marketing my book, I see lots of parallels between writing the book and selling it. Lots of highs and lows, productive days and useless days. It’s all just part of that roller coaster of life.
    And for me, every day is a new adventure!

  2. Congrats on having a great week! It’s important to get out and do things like you did just because we love doing them, to refill the well – something I needed the reminder of. As for me, I’m waiting for spring so I can get out and ride my Harley. 🙂 Have a great week!

  3. I adore this analogy! Unfortunately, I’ve done very little skiing in my life, but I still understand the comparisons of skiing and writing. I’m thrilled you got to go. Down here I’ve been waiting for the good weather day that allows me to chuck it all and head out to the beach where I can lay out in the sun, read a good book, jump waves, and all that.

    Good week overall. Which Margie packet are you on? I can’t recall. I just “Margie-ized” a short story I’ve been working on, and the result of all of my highlighting and pen-marking looks like a Jackson Pollack painting. LOL. Keep up the focus! Have a lovely week.

  4. Beach and the sun, that sounds like heaven. Our beaches wont be warm enough for laying out until June 😦 I’m working my way through Empowering Characters Emotions. My WIP looks crazy too, but that’s a good thing. Thanks, Julie.

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