Flash Fiction #33 A Closer Look

Thanks for stopping. Another picture…another 100 words.

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“Jerry, we’ve got to get this presentation done. What are you doing on the floor?” Katie swiped through the slides they had so far. “We’re missing the slide with the pink panties, I thought you wanted that one too?” She looked down to find him staring up her skirt.

“I’ve changed my mind, I want red instead.”


“What, come on, you’re standing right over me, how can I not look?”

She inched her skirt up a little higher. “You like the red ones?”

“Well, take them off. I need a closer look.”

“Are we still talking about the panties?”

Hope you enjoyed my flash today!! Don’t forget to follow the link to get to the other FFF posts. Flasher Fiction Friday. Or click away on the links below.

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6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction #33 A Closer Look

  1. Loved the playfulness and how naughty they were becoming. I too wonder what happens. Awesome flash and fun to read. 🙂

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