I Want That One by Paige E. Roberts Plus some Q and A

I Want That One coverI Want That One

by:  Paige E. Roberts

Publisher: Wild Child Publishing


Lady Jane wants Will, for her slave, and she’ll pay a high price to get him. Will dreams of a life under Jane’s spike heels, but in the future city-state of New York, it’s illegal to enslave a free man. Jane, once a notorious hacker, now a network security consultant, isn’t used to letting a little thing like the law keep her from getting what she wants. When a bound and naked Will is delivered to her kitchen door, she takes great pleasure in using leather cat and cuffs and cruel penetrating sex games to tame him. But Will must give up everything to prove his loyalty to her before he can take his rightful place forever kneeling at her perfect feet.

Picture your favorite place in the world. Now, can you tell us a little bit about the place you’ve pictured?

A tiny island off the coast of Belize. I’m wearing a snorkel, a mask, flippers and nothing else, kicking gently in the warm ocean over the most beautiful coral reef I’ve ever seen, with bright colorful fish watching me curiously.

Do you prefer salty or sweet?

Salty. I have a weakness for salt and pepper chips.

What’s your favorite drink?

Tea. I drink tea obsessively, several glasses a day, and rarely drink anything else. I like many different varieties, but Earl Gray de la crème is my favorite.

What was the first book to make a lasting impression on you?

That’s hard to say. I still have my Little Red Riding Hood book that my grandmother read to me when I was a toddler. Books were my best friends growing up. By the time I was 11, I was reading my mother’s bodice rippers and my brother’s Gor books, as well as every bit of science fiction and fantasy I could get my hands on.

I think possibly “The Hobbit” which I first read at 10 was the first book that I felt really changed me fundamentally. It gave me a sort of, “little guys can do amazing things” feeling. That book shaped me to believe that if I persevered, I could slay dragons and change the world.

What was the last book you read that made a lasting impression on you?

Jim Butcher’s “Ghost Story.” There’s something pretty amazing about killing off the hugely popular hero of your long running series, then writing another book, with him as a ghost, trying to solve his own murder. Loved it.

Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?

My first book was a collection of my erotic vampire short stories, “Bare Throat, Naked Hunger.” It’s been recently re-published with a lovely new cover by Melange Books. I had a bit of challenge with it, in that the first publisher who wanted it, didn’t want to let me enter one of the stories in the “Best Erotic Fantasy and Science Fiction” contest anthology that Cecelia Tan does for Circlet Press. I thought it would be very good publicity for the book to do so, and didn’t want to be restricted from it, so I took the book to another publisher: MS Fiction which then became Melange. Wonderful folks to work with. I’ve been delighted with them, and the folks at Freya’s Bower and Circlet, more than any other publishers I’ve worked with. The ironic kicker was, I decided to enter a different story, a science fiction interrogation story, “Caught” in the “Best Erotic F & SF” anthology instead.

Can you tell us about a criticism you’ve received that pushed you into a better writing place?

My crit group is brilliant. My writing has improved by leap and bounds over the years, thanks to them. They have taught me a lot of my writing faults, and I have broken many bad habits because of them. One thing I tend to do is write in present tense. In very short stories, it can work, but the longer the story, the more uncomfortable it becomes for the reader. I had to hear that a lot of times from a lot of people before I could force myself to write in past tense. I still often slip from past to present when I’m drafting stories, and have to go back and fix the tenses. In my mind, the story is happening while I’m writing it.

I also tend to focus on the characters, dialog, and plot to the point where setting is almost totally lost at times. My characters hang in blank white space like Neo in the empty matrix if I’m not very careful. My crit group calls me on that every time.

How did you come up with your title?

Titles are very difficult for me normally. I tend to start with a very basic title and come up with something better later. “I Want That One” was the first line in the story, and MS Word saved it automatically as the name of the file. I intended to come up with a title later. Instead, I decided it WAS the perfect title, and made it the last line in the story, too.

Panster, plotter, or a little of both?

This is a difficult question for me to answer. If anyone watched me write, they would think I was a seat of the pants kind of writer, but honestly, I tend to have a story percolating in my brain, or at least a few basic plot points and scenes of the story and key elements of the main characters, for hours, days, even weeks or months, before I get a chance to sit down and write it. Finding time to sit in front of my keyboard for something other than my day job is a big challenge for me. By the time I get to actually write a story, I’ve often already imagined it from beginning to end in considerable detail. So, while it looks like I’m just making it up as I go along, I’m really describing the movie that I’ve already created in my head.

Tell us a bit about the projects you are working on now?

I’ve been doing a lot of mainstream stories lately under a different name. I have a couple of erotica stories in my head, though, that I’d like to write when I can find a little spare time. One story that has been hounding me to write it for ages is about a succubus demon who marries and eventually kills evil men: mobsters, corporate sharks and the like. She runs afoul of a handsome police detective, investigating the mysterious death of her latest husband. He thinks she’s just a human black widow murderer, not understanding that killing her lovers is essential to her nature, something she can’t always control. She chooses only to marry men that she hates, so she won’t regret it when making love to her one too many times kills them. She has a beautiful shimmering, iridescent wings tattoo that covers most of her back and runs down her thighs. When she needs to escape, she unfurls her very real, but delicate, diaphanous demon wings and flies away. I’ll write it one of these days.

My stories always have an element of the supernatural or the future. I’m really a science fiction and fantasy writer who adores sex in many forms, including the wilder side of kink. “I Want That One” is set in a future where New York is a city/state with a new nobility defended by hackers in cyberspace, and there are some intense kinks in the story, BDSM, female dominance, and such. But the true essence of the story is one woman, used to getting what she wants, who wants a man, not used to being wanted.


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Paige E. Roberts has published a variety of sexy stories in the US and UK on the fringes of reality and beyond: fantasy, science fiction, superhero, vampire, and shape-shifter stories, with D/s, SM, GLBT, BDSM, and other alphabet soup elements. She lives in Round Rock with her husband and two kids and is active in the local kink community, co-founder of the Voyagers group. Her futuristic femdom story “I Want That One” just came out from www.freyasbower.com “Bare Throat, Naked Hunger,” her anthology of erotic vampire stories is available in e-book or print from www.midnightshowcase.com , Amazon, or Fictionwise. Her sci fi interrogation scene story, “Caught,” is in the new “Best Erotic Fantasy and Science Fiction” anthology from Circlet Press.

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