Flash Fiction #31 – Her Scent

Thanks for stopping. Another picture…another 100 words.

Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

She wouldn’t be safe much longer, he’d reach the top of the cliff soon. A sharp rock caught the edge of her dress as she hurried to distance herself. She ignored the rip, the painful scratch on her thigh and abandoned half her dress.

“Why do you keep running from me?”

“You’ll hurt me, like the others have my sisters. I’ve heard their screams.”

He climbed over the next rock. “I’d never hurt you. Your scent called to me across the ocean. I need to be near you.”

His gaze melted her fear, lust opened her thighs, he’d come. Finally.

Hope you enjoyed my flash today!! Don’t forget to follow the link to get to the other FFF posts. Flasher Fiction Friday. Or click away on the links below.

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8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction #31 – Her Scent

  1. Oh, now I want to know more. What happened to the sisters? Please make this into a longer story. I want to know what happens when he reaches her. Great flash

  2. Damn SJ, you are getting really good at this Flash Fiction thing. Every week I can count on you to have at least one line that stops me dead in my tracks. This week that singular line was – “His gaze melted her fear, lust opened her thighs, he’d come.”

    *Chuckles*. The ‘He’d come’, can of course have a double meaning. There is a bigger story in this flash begging to be told, I hope you write it. I’m dying to know more about her sisters and the “others”. Excellent 🙂

  3. *fans face* oh my S.J. You really made my eyes open with this powerful flash. I loved the wording and you drew me in the moment her dress was torn. My mind raced with what was to happen, was she in danger or something completely different. I loved how you worded the seductiveness of her body craving his touch, and how the fear melted away when she knew he was “the one.” Definitely yummy and I want to know more of what became of these two. 🙂

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