ROW80 check-in #28

Two weeks into the new plan, get the hard stuff done first. Did this week go as well as last? I was out of town for 3-days, did I let go of the rules and just try and make the best of it? Totally. By the time I got home and back on track with the evil day job the week was almost over. Did I get anything done?

Motivation Jars (14-goals in all & $7.50 is up for grabs each week): 13-goals had real good progress or they’re in line for progress. Wardrobe Jar gets $6.96 (total so far: $33.75) and NOT my political party of choice jar gets $0.54 🙂 (total so far: $3.75)***

The Goals – week-5 results

  • Spend at least 1-hour a day with my characters– done
  • Pick a title for Voyage Novu #1 & #2- It’s time to listen to my instincts here. I have not been able to say this is done, because the titles I’ve picked aren’t sitting right with me. They feel boring. Maybe they describe the theme of each book, but my gut says that’s not enough. So, it’s back to the drawing board. The decision might be a step back, but this will lead to the final step forward.
  • Write 3,000 words each week or 33,000 for the round- not done, I added 1,705 this week. ***I’m considering offering myself a make-up. If I write a total of 6,000 words between week 5 and 6 I’m going to call both weeks good and money in the Wardrobe jar.***
  • Spend time editing at least 3 times each week- this goal got another pass this week, but this will be the last pass. Check out the news two lines down.
  • Send Voyage Novu #1 to 2nd beta- Goal complete.
  • Finish Editing Voyage Novu #1- I got notes back from the 2nd beta Friday night and I am excited. First, I’m now pretty certain I will get this baby to shine enough that I will query with it. OMG. Her thoughts and notes hit on my worries and I can already tell they will help nudge in the direction that will fix what I’ve been worrying about.
  • Voyage Novu#1 Query/Synopsis: finish, polish, get 2nd opinions, finalize AND send out 1st round- I tweaked things a bit this week, but now that I have beta notes I will dive back into this goal.
  • Finish first draft of Voyage Novu#2 and begin to edit- at 3k per week this goal should beginning in Mid-August
  • Finish reading current craft book and start another- not a whole chapter, but I did get a good chunk read again this week
  • Workout a minimum of 200-minutes a week and round it out with plenty of water, sleep and my calorie limit- done. 🙂
  • Study one of the Nia 52-moves each week- Inward Block: start in the ready position. Bring one fist and forearm across, up, and in, blocking the side of your face. Return to read position and repeat. The non-blocking arm remains in the ready position to maintain vertical alignment.
  • Finish the Sanjana bars and start the Opal bars (i.e. studying the song/movement structure)- I got the bars drawn for the music in the next song, no movement yet, but it’s still progress.
  • Finish needed continuing education, enter all credits on PMI site and save my PMP certification for another 3-years- I have two books to read under the self-directed learning category to finish my PDUs and I’m now 1/2 way through the first.
  • Stay on top of my co-op preschool Treasurer responsibilities- I had way too much to do this week here and, after being out of town the first several days of the week, it almost got ugly, but I did it. Monthly reporting, deposits, budget meeting, board meeting, yuck, but it is done. Next week should be easier, after Monday when I’ll have 1 small deposit, a report to run/analyze and a parent meeting. But then I should be done here for the week. yeah.

I don’t have to go out of town this week, freaken fabulous 🙂 Hope something goes a little easier for you this week too, have a great one.

10 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in #28

  1. You are doing really well, and I’m so excited to hear your beta experience has ben a good one. My betas are reading mine now and I’m nervous as hell – my first time! Best of luck net week. 🙂

    • Thanks, Shah. My nerves where running on overload by the time I got her email. Now, I have a lot of work to do, but I’m excited to get at it. It’s kind of like my love for the project is all fresh and new. Fun. Hope you get helpful feed back too.

    • Hi, Laura, thanks for stopping by today. Thanks for the encouragement, I need it 🙂
      I got the jar idea from another blogger, Suzanne Rock. The idea is using mini goals to motivate. Each week I have an amount that gets divided based on done and not done. The done amount goes into a jar I can spend on anything I want. The amount for not done stuff I’m giving to a cause I would not want to support, hence the motivation. There is money going into that not done jar, but compared to my last two round it’s a drastic improvement.

  2. You are inspiring me! I think I need to go with that approach this week–do the hard stuff FIRST! Watch for my fabulous check-in next week. Great week for you! I love that Wardrobe Jar. I hope you share what you get when the round is over.

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