ROW80 check-in #27

Last week I declared frustration is not welcome here. I was, well, angry that a couple of my goals were not getting done week after week. My priorities for the past many weeks have been: write first. I was not always prepared to write when I got the time, which dragged out my time needed to get to my word goal. By the time I got most of my goals done I was running out of time for the last two. So I tried something new, one I’m sure you’ve heard before. Hard stuff first. It felt strange, but it worked real well. So, did I write this week?

Motivation Jars (14-goals in all & $7.50 is up for grabs each week): 14-goals had real good progress or they’re in line for progress. Wardrobe Jar gets $7.50 (total so far: $26.79) and NOT my political party of choice jar gets $0.00 🙂 (total so far: $3.21)

The Goals – week-4 results

  • Spend at least 1-hour a day with my characters– done
  • Pick a title for Voyage Novu #1 & #2- I decided to change and to keep my current titles a dozen times this week. More fermentation needed.
  • Write 3,000 words each week or 33,000 for the round- done, I added 3,025 this week
  • Spend time editing at least 3 times each week- I finished my latest round of edits on Voyage Novu #1. Wahoo!!
  • Send Voyage Novu #1 to 2nd beta- I sent my beta the file on Tuesday and in time for her plane ride 🙂
  • Finish Editing Voyage Novu #1- to be done after feedback is received from 2nd beta
  • Voyage Novu#1 Query/Synopsis: finish, polish, get 2nd opinions, finalize AND send out 1st round- progress slow and steady again this week.
  • Finish first draft of Voyage Novu#2 and begin to edit- at 3k per week this goal should beginning in Mid-August
  • Finish reading current craft book and start another- not a whole chapter, but I did get a good chunk read
  • Workout a minimum of 200-minutes a week and round it out with plenty of water, sleep and my calorie limit- done. 🙂
  • Study one of the Nia 52-moves each week- Outward Block: start in the ready position. Bring one fist and forearm across, up, and out, blocking the side of your face. Return to read position and repeat. The non-blocking arm remains in the ready position to maintain vertical alignment.
  • Finish the Sanjana bars and start the Opal bars (i.e. studying the song/movement structure)- you may need to sit down because I made progress on this goal this week!! 😀 I updated my mirror notes (notes I hang on the mirror to help me practice teaching a class) and charted a whole new song in the routine!! Six done and 4 to go. The last two will be easier as they are in the cool down cycle.
  • Finish needed continuing education, enter all credits on PMI site and save my PMP certification for another 3-years- keep sitting, because this puppy is making progress too. Not only have I finished the latest e-class, but I’ve discovered a less strenuous way to finish the credits I still need. Oh, the relief feels good.
  • Stay on top of my co-op preschool Treasurer responsibilities- This week was finally an easier week and I kept up with it too. Yeah.

Back to work for me. Hard stuff first will be the rule again this week. I hope I get to write this week too, hope you do as well. Have a fabulous week.

6 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in #27

  1. That’s one hell of a list! And I love the motivation jars. I have a friend who’s struggling with the motivation to work out, and I’ll be tossing that idea his way this week.

  2. Yay! 14 out of 14! It’s amazing … super long list and you actually got it all! Well done!
    Keep that up!

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