ROW80 check-in #21

Since I joined ROW80 at the beginning of this year I’ve been working on my schedule or more succinctly, not getting distracted. There are so many distractions, some good, some necessary, and some should be warded against. I’m glad I’ve been working on this since my schedule is about to get frickin chaotic. The first thought: it will be impossible to do it all, there’s no way. But what would I cut from the schedule. There will be no more time spent going down that rabbit hole. Sometimes super busy can be a good thing. Since I don’t want to lose my mind, I will need to stay on point and keep distractions in their place. As soon as I started thinking: I can do this…the dark clouds broke up. But now I got to get busy putting my plans together or else these check-ins are going to get ugly.
It’s time to cut the fat and let priorities reign.

The Goals – week-9 results

  • Spend at least 1-hour a day with my characters- done
  • Write 2,000 words each week– not done, only 964 words were added, but countless words were cut. I was in editing hell this week. Plotting for the next two MS has begun, so no more excuses WEEK-10 PRIORITY
  • Spend time editing at least 2-times each week– done! I spent 5-days editing this week, but it’s still not ready to send to my friend. I want it sent by the end of next week. WEEK-10 PRIORITY
  • Finish reading current craft book and start another– spent more time here again this week, but I’m not done yet
  • Participate in Before You Hit Send Self-Editing Workshop in April– the workshop is over. I keep revisiting my notes though
  • Turn 2nd-draft chapters to my writer friend for her critique– The above says 5-days spent editing, but on each of those days I could have done more. Until yesterday, during each editing session I let ugly thoughts bog me down. How many stages of editing grief are there?
  • Workout a minimum of 200-minutes a week and round it out with plenty of water, sleep and my calorie limit I got just under 200-minutes this week and everything else was good…almost done.
  • Study one of the Nia 52-moves each week (the 52-moves is like the ballet bar for Nia lovers)Fast Clock.  Begin by marching in place in the center of an imaginary clock on the floor. Use the clock like a map. Step out to a number on the clock and immediately to a new number. For example: step in the center of your clock > step forward to 12:00 >step back to 6:00 > step to the side to either 3:00 or 9:00 > step back to the center. Gradually increase your speed and keep your shoulders and arms relaxed. Benefits: improves stamina, agility, coordination, and the ability to move and breathe faster
  • Finish the. Sanjana bars and start the Opal bars (i.e. studying the song/movement structure)– My mirror notes are looking good. It’s time to finish the bars for the last couple of songs in the routine.
  • Listen to the Nia sound track for the Sanjana routine each week and add Opal when I get to their bars– done
  • Plan out and start participating in the last of my needed continuing education credits for PMP certification– Two weeks ago I made big progress here and these last two weeks nothing. However, I’m going to sacrifice this task again this week in an attempt to make a final push on the WIP

In an effort to keep my spirits up, I’m including some pictures from my gardens. Hope they brighten your Sunday.

5 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in #21

  1. What beautiful flowers!
    You’re doing so well.
    Let me tell you, I know all about distractions. I just started JuNoWriMo and that’s stalled at the moment because of unexpected problems that now will keep me from writing for at least a few days … *sigh*
    Anyway, we need to keep going forward, which means any progress is progress!
    Have a great week!

  2. Gorgeous flowers! I have the hardest time growing flowers here and I so miss them. I looks like a fabulous week and you have a great plan for the upcoming one. Wishing you a fab week!

    • Thank you, Raelyn. The rose bush sits right out side the window where I write. I am still moving forward, but by shear might. Wish things would flow a little smoother. Tis life I guess.

  3. Ah, the stages of editing grief. Do they include wondering “What the heck was I thinking?” at various moments of the manuscript? I’m mid-edits as well. It ain’t always pretty, but remember that Michelangelo had to hack at the marble with a chisel to bring out the beautiful statue.

    Those flowers are gorgeous! I have a brown thumb, so I’m amazed at those of you who are gifted with flora.

    • Ha, yes, “What the heck was I thinking?” has got to be included!! So how cool is the wanatribe! so looking forward to exploring it more. We will survive these edits, Julie, we will I say! 🙂

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