ROW80 check-in #18

Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you, Ann Jarvis & Anna Jarvis for all you did in your days. According to Wikipedia, during the American Civil War Ann organized women to tend to the needs of the wounded of both sides of the war conflict. Ann went on to organize Mothers’ Day Work Clubs in five cities near their home in what is now West Virginia to improve sanitary and health conditions.

Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis died in Philadelphia in 1905. In 1907, Jarvis’ daughter, Anna Marie Jarvis, passed out 500 white carnations at her mother’s church, one for each mother in the congregation. The following year, she held a memorial to her mother and then embarked upon a campaign to make Mother’s Day a recognized holiday, a goal which was achieved when President Woodrow Wilson declared it so in 1914.

Apparently it isn’t just Hallmark commercials that make me cry this time of year. I linked up their current tear jerker below, just in case you missed it. Jenny Hansen explained in a post this past week why I have so many problems with mom, but I still love her with ALL my heart. I’ll see my mom today during our weekly Skype session and then I plan to spend my mother’s day reading and writing. We’ll see how the hubs does in wrangling those kids all day.

Okay, enough procrastinating 😉

The Goals – week-6 results

  • Spend at least 1-hour a day with my characters- done
  • Write 2,000 words each week– I added 2,046 words, plus I deleted a ton (unneeded words/notes for scenes that I no longer need, because they’re written…plus check out the next line.
  • Spend time editing at least 2-times each week– I edited 3-days this week
  • Finish reading current craft book and start another– made no progress again, WK 7 PRIORITY<–I’m serious this time. My fingers are crossed for week 7, because I’ll be editing a lot this week and doing a good bit of plot review. My current craft book is James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure.
  • Participate in Before You Hit Send Self-Editing Workshop in April– the workshop is over and I put more of my new skills to work this week…still more to review here.
  • Turn 2nd-draft chapters to my writer friend for her critique– getting closer, no prediction yet though
  • Workout a minimum of 200-minutes a week and round it out with plenty of water, sleep and my calorie limit Got only 135 minutes again this week and everything else was good. Somehow in the last week I got back to 0.5 pounds to goal. I think we can all agree that our bodies work in strange and mysterious ways.
  • Study one of the Nia 52-moves each week (the 52-moves is like the ballet bar for Nia lovers)Lateral Traveling.  Begin in Closed Stance. 3-Steps: side, together, side. Keep your knees spring-loaded, shoulders relaxed, and your spine vertical. Place your foot directly down on the earth. Plant your foot firmly. Sink & rise. Work with various speeds to develop power and agility. Benefits: improves your ability to move from left to right in a relaxed way.
  • Finish the Sanjana bars and start the Opal bars (i.e. studying the song/movement structure)– Last week I mentioned that I quit my old route to getting this task done. This week I started creating enlarged simplified notes of each song and I taped them up on the ginormous mirrors in my workout room. Now as I’m going along I can see my notes and I keep going.  So simple, but effective. Yeah, for moving forward on this goal.
  • Listen to the Nia sound track for the Sanjana routine each week and add Opal when I get to their bars– done
  • Plan out and start participating in the last of my needed continuing education credits for PMP certification– no progress and I’m ok with that…as long as I start participating by the end of the round.

This week I’m going to focus on for realsies finishing the first draft of my WIP…then I’ll give it one more read through and I will send it to my friend.

Did this commercial make you cry too, or is it just me?

5 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in #18

  1. you seem to be keeping up on your goals okay there – that sideways exercise sounds good- might try it myself – due to injured ankle I do not move sideways at all well, so will try this – thanks
    all best for next week:)

  2. Oh Hallmark, why do you tug at my heart so?! Great commercial. You had a wonderful week, even if there were a couple of goals you didn’t complete. I’d love to hear what you think of Plot & Structure; that’s one of my favorite craft books thus far. Have another fabulous week, with even more awesomeness!

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