Links of the week #18

All kinds of good stuff this week, a whole truck full. I even got some funny at the end. Lastly, please, oh please, don’t forget about Mother’s Day tomorrow.

Writers Life

James Chartrand of Men with Pens was at Write to Done last week with How to Find Your Daily Writing Motivation

Rachelle Gardner 9 Ways to Outwit Writer’s Block

Write Fresh

Sarah Baughman posted last week at Write it Sideways: Working Past Wordiness For Fresher Writing

When Margie Lawson is at Writers in the Storm I get excited and yesterday is a perfect example of why: Smart Writers Expand Time – From Margie Lawson! Power words, visceral responses and time. Oh, my! Fantastic post.


Alex O’Hurley wrote a great post this week about How to Write a Bad Review

Writer Business

Laura Drake posted at Writers in The Story this week regarding 10 Tips for a DIY Author Website. If you haven’t created your site yet check out this post and get to it. If you have a site I still suggest checking it out. You might pick-up something new.

Mary Keeley at Books & Such posted What an Agent Evaluates During a Prospective Client Interview. Fingers crossed I can put this information into action one day. There is a great suggestion in there for you and your crit group too.

Social Media

Suzanne Rock over at Romance on a Budget explained the differences between your Facebook personal (friend) page and your Facebook fan (like) page Budget Marketing: Facebook Fan Page vs. Personal Page

Rachel Kent at Books & Such posted Why Do Readers Connect with You Online?<–interesting


Lynnette Labelle gave us The Three-Act Structure – Part 3 this week. Perfect timing Lynnette, I’m working on an Act III this week.

Music from Jeff

This week, Jeff has brought us something funny. I know you wont care about the bad language because it’s Tenacious D.

What you might have missed here: Six Sentence Sunday #16  ~OR~ Wicked Allure by Leslie C. Ferdinand ~ Q&A ~OR~ Flash Fiction #7

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