ROW80 check-in #10

My birthday week is coming to an end, boo-hoo 🙂 it has seriously been a great week. A party, date night, mom’s spaghetti, songs and a Facebook bonanza of happy wishes all make for a great birthday week…but did I get anything done this week, did I write?

Yes, I wrote and wrote and hit my word goal for the 3rd week in a row, yahoooo!! My word goal really seems to be working for me and it makes me so very happy. With each week I’m also getting a firmer grasp on my time management for blog/craft book reading. It’s a practice not a perfect. My weakness right now is editing. I have a ton to do on my very first WIP and the last three weeks I’ve done zero editing, zilch, zip, nada…boo-hoo for real.

My goals for the week ahead include, spending at least an hour a day with my characters, hitting my word goal (2,000 words), continue with efficient time management for blog/craft book reading, and edit! I will edit. 🙂

short post this week, hmm, more time for birthday cookies!! 😀

8 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in #10

    • Thank you Ali!! Three weeks in a row, I can still hardly believe it’s true. I do need another week of goal hitting, I have a vaca coming and not sure how much I’ll write that week *cring*

    • I’m glad too 🙂 My birthday wish was to meet that word count again and it felt so good
      I’m looking forward to the time when I can increase my goal, but oh geesh, not now 🙂

  1. enjoy the cookies – editing least fav. job thats why am concentrating it this month on NaNoEdMo and doing little else – otherwise I wander of course and start writing:) all the best for coming week

    • I actually just enjoyed another 1/2 of a birthday cookie, they taste so good with my coffee!!
      I have a pretty deep seeded belief that I’m a horrible writer and editing forces me to face my demons
      I know from practice that growth comes from the fun work and the hard stuff. Here’s hoping I can find growth this week in both writing another 2,000 words AND editing.
      Happy NanoEdMo to you!!

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