Links of the week #8

It’s the end of my birthday week. I experienced a lot of joys this week and felt a lot of love, which is simply a lot o fun. This week also brought on a ton of great links to remember…

James Scott Bell provided My Aha! Moment over at The Kill Zone

Oh Chuck, 25 Ways To Unfuck Your Story yeah I don’t need to say anything else to sell this one

Roz over at Nail Your Novel provided some great reminders and food for thought with your plot: Drama comes from making us care

Are you genuinely nice on twitter? I’d like to think I am. Two posts came up this week from two great gals and between the two they make some great points that are easy to agree with, if you are genuinely nice. First up is Roni Loren’s Enough With the Quid Pro Quo Blogging Etiquette – Free Yourself. Second up is Kristen Lamb’s T.E.A.M–Together Everyone Achieves More, #MyWANA sounds like a nice place to hang out.

I knew I loved Finding Nemo and now I really know why, let Kristen Lamb explain: What “Finding Nemo” Can Teach Us About Story Action

Janice Hardy, The Other Side of the Story, provided on Thursday tips for small problems to think about for your plot: That’s So Annoying: Adding Small Problems to Your Plot. Janice posted What’s at Stake? How Do You Make Readers Care About Your Story? yesterday, on my birthday. Thank you Janice for two great posts this week.

Writers in the Storm blog, love you guys, always bringing great posts. This week Ruthie Knox brings us How to Begin a Romance Novel: Seven Tips

I saved some funny for last. More cowbell always gives me a chuckle and this week’s post is in a word: awesome. Make sure you watch the video at the end!! Thank you Jenny Hansen for bringing the funny and a heartfelt story: You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks (if they take notes…) and all the blogging you do!!

It’s been a great birthday week. I’ve been working on my WIP for just over a year now, let the writing and learning continue!!

Happy March on!!

6 thoughts on “Links of the week #8

  1. Sidney,

    Thanks for including my post about my Mother-in-law. I had so much fun writing that. And it was in honor of her birthday. I hope yours was amazing and fabulous!

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