Links of the week #1

All week long I come across interesting reads on the web, in fact my day often gets derailed by some of the great stuff out there. I’m hoping this will be the first in a series of posts with links that I found helpful & hopefully you will find them helpful too. Although a good portion of links I go after are related to writing you will find other types of stuff here as well. My test: I found it interesting, thought-provoking, or I learned something and I will be sure to link it here.

Here I go, here are my links for this week:


Stacia Kane, an author of Urban Fantasy posted very honestly about the relationship between readers, reviewers, bloggers and authors.  I’ve been reading about the troubles lately in the fine balance and this post really got me thinking: Something in the water?


Roni Loren, a romance author, had a very interesting post in her blog tour 5 Ways Writing Erotic Romance Differs From Writing Other Genres. I found this posting interesting not just because my family and friends do not know what genre I have been writing in, but because no mater your genre the writing needs to be well done and compelling. Nothing can bomb a book faster than poor plots and structure, erotic romance is no different. What assumptions have you made about Erotic Romance authors or authors of other genres?


Meljean Brook, author of Paranormal & Steampunk Romance had me rolling in laughs with this post: Diary of an Author, Day 5 – 365


Lots of good stuff over at Writers in the Storm, including this post (perfect timing since I can be found editing most days): Kiss Your “As” Goodbye! by Margie Lawson, she explains the good and bad of the word “as”


Ingrid Schaffenburg had the most thought-provoking post of the week, I’ll be thinking about this one for some time to come!! In her Post Dream Catchers she ponders the difference between doing what you love & doing what you love to learn. Seriously good stuff!!


Did you find anything interesting or helpful in the links above? Please let me know!!

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