Ignite Your Soul Author Event – It was a blast! #IYSAE16

Last weekend, I attended the Ignite Your Soul Author Event in London, ON and I had an absolute blast.

Even the rain couldn’t ruin our day. I had a fabulous time. It’s amazing how much work goes into making these weekends happen. I can’t imagine all the hours it took the organizers to get everything ready. I can image all that it took me to prepare, pack, and travel. It’s kind of nuts. The upheaval in the personal life is crazy. When it’s all said and done, you’re sitting behind a table presenting your books, all your hard work, to eager readers. It’s simply extraordinary.

The weekend started with a meet and greet. Here I am with Kacey and Kali. We ordered a pitcher of margaritas. Yum! 😀



It was just my second time ever having a table at a book fair. No one knew who I was before the first one and I was prepared for the same here, but to my surprise I had a reader come to my table. Wow, was that cool. My weekend was already made with meeting long time friends Kacey HammellAnne LangeFelicity Kates, and Kali Willows. But getting to meet a reader is simply the best thing ever! Thank you, Annette. You totally made my day. ❤

Here’s my collection of selfies. 😀


One of the truly amazing things about this event is that we were raising money for charity. I learned this week that we raised over $2,000 for Wounded Warriors Canada. Way cool! 😀


My table turned out well. Love seeing readers step up, get excited about the items I had laid out, and scoop them up like treasures. ❤

I’ll most definitely need to order new swag before my next signing. I’m pretty well wiped out. Check out my Appearances page for up to date information on where you can meet me next. For now, I’m busy writing. In fact, in a few weeks I’ll be attending a writers retreat and hope to finally finish my next release. Hopefully it will be just one of the additional paperbacks I’ll be able to offer at my next signing.


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