Common Grounds is NOW available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance Ebooks!

Common Grounds may no longer be available in kindleunlimited but it is NOW available at Barnes & Noble and All Romance Ebooks. Woot!

It’s still ONLY .99 cents!

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What readers are saying:

“Kate and Mark’s chance encounter at the Club is sizzling.” – Liz

“SJ has done it again with this fast little read.” – Treena

“I didn’t want this book to end.” – Debra

“Hot, erotic, fun with comedic moments and a passion between two characters that left me breathless.” – Kacey

simply sweet” – Barbara

“sparks fly immediately” – Janis

“any scene with them was explosive” – Kam

“this is a definitely a five star read and the heat is up and the sugar is sweet.” – Julie

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Book Description:

While Kate Sanderson mixes batter and pumps buttercream inside her tasty creations at the West Egg restaurant, she dreams about two things: owning a bakery and finding a man capable of satisfying her every desire. Mark Larosa designs little masterpieces daily at his tiny barista station at the local Star Coffee and he tailors each drink to the customer. The only cup he can’t seem to get right is for the sassy baker, Kate. He’s determined to give her what she really wants.

When a new building goes up across the street, the pair trip over each other trying to grab the last unit before a chain restaurant claims their dream. To get what they crave, they might have to work together and find the elusive common ground.

Be Warned: light BDSM, public exhibition, anal play
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“You caught my eye the minute you stepped into the club.”

“Why didn’t you come over and say hi?” She gazed down at her hands.

“You were with your friends and I wanted to observe you.”

A shiver of awareness fluttered from the tips of her breasts to the heat building in her pussy. “That’s such a Dom thing to say.” She looked at him through her eyelashes.


“Is that a bad thing?” He raised his eyebrows.

“No.” She nibbled on her bottom lip, very aware of how close his hands were to the bottom of her short skirt and her bare ass underneath.

“Can I have a taste?” He caressed her bottom lip with the pad of his thumb.

“Sure.” She wanted nothing more than to know his flavor, to breathe him in deep within her.

He leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. The kiss was gentle at first. It felt like mini bursts of fireworks were going off in her system—pleasure and light and the need for more all rolled into one. He pushed his tongue into her mouth while she opened wide, letting him take control. Tension eased out of her as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

He pulled away for a moment and she held her breath. “I need to do that again.”

“Yes, please.” She hung on as he tangled his hands in her hair. The tingles on her scalp sent her deeper into desire. The kiss took her breath away, but the command he had over the moment made her pussy hot. They swayed to the music. Song after song, they continued their exploration. She couldn’t get enough of his tongue and the way he lit her up.


He shifted his feet and his thick thigh came between her legs, pressing right against her clit. Pleasure spread and she deepened the kiss. He squeezed her ass.

She gasped and pulled back. “You keep doing that and I will come.”

“That is my intention.” He claimed her lips again and she wrapped her tongue around his.

She’d had quick encounters before at the Pleasure Emporium, but never this enticing. His hands molded her the way she wanted. Many Doms paid little attention to her lips unless it was to instruct her on how to suck their cocks. This stranger knew how to make her come undone. She breathed in his intoxicating scent as a wave of nirvana blanketed her senses.

Kate moaned into his mouth.


“That’s it. Come for me.” He kissed his way down her chin and then sucked on her neck.

She held on to him as she rode his leg. A vortex of ecstasy swirled around her, sending bursts of pleasure throughout her body.

He licked her lips and she let him back in, extending the sensations. She clung to him as she lost all thought except for the bliss filling her. These were the moments she wanted to last forever, a perfect spot in time.

He kissed her temple and then rested his forehead against hers. “You’re beautiful.” His raspy breath drifted across her skin like a feather, sending a shiver down her spine.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“My pleasure.” He rubbed up and down her arms. “Are you cold?”

“Quite the opposite, Sir.” Her desire to know more about this man had only been ignited.

“It seems introductions are unnecessary, or did you two skip that part?” Master Logan’s low gravelly voice penetrated the fog keeping her floating.Mark4

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

All Romance Ebooks

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