A New Year Brings Several Writing Goals – Come see what I have planned #amwriting

Happy New Year!Hello 2016! I’m so glad you’re here.


I reached several goals in 2015, including publishing my 10th book. Woot! My first published book turned 2 and had my first experience with self-publishing. I saw three of my stories go into print and I signed lots of books at my first book conference.

All in all, I consider the year a success. I mean, I’m still here. I’m still writing. My readership may be no where close to where I’d hoped it would be, but I know I have loyal readers. Your emails and messages keep me going. I’ve been able to connect with many of you on social media and that has been pure awesome. Thank you!

Before I look forward to 2016, I’d like to take a look back.

2012: I hid my first book under my bed and started writing what would eventually be my debut, Taking Chances. This year was full of growth in my writing and in my research. I also hit send for the first time and received a fabulous rejection. I say fabulous because that email gave me the best advice. It told me exactly what my story needed. What a gift! Then another awesome thing happened, I connected with my first real crit partner.

2013: The year started with lots of hard work and, when the next piece of fabulous advice came my way, I was ready. I hit send for the 2nd time in June and Taking Chances was accepted! I kept writing and shortly after my debut was released, my 2nd story, Untangle Me, was accepted. By the time 2013 ended, I had two of my stories published.

2014: I struggled a bit with increasing my production. Back in 2012, I’d struggled with finding time to write. Now in 2014, I still had to fight for that precious writing time but now I had two books to promote. It’s true what they say, it really does get harder. I was able to complete three stories and all of them were accepted. Taking Courage added to my Love Projects world started by Taking Chances. Unravel Me put me in my first anthology. I can’t say enough about the anthology experience. Publishing can be lonely business at times and anthologies shed that in the best way. This is the year I published one of my favorites stories, In the Blind. It’s the story that struggles to find readers but I’m really proud of it anyway. It’s different.

2015: I started the year at a crazy fast pace. By spring, I was published in my 2nd anthology with Unshakable Me and I’d finished three additional stories. One of them started another series with Assassins and Sweethearts but it was a story line I couldn’t stop thinking about. Within days of the initial inspiration, I knew the path of all 4 assassins and several ideas for spin-offs. Desire Unexpected, Assassins and Sweethearts 1 released in April and is one of my best sellers. In June I had two releases. Taking Over is the third book in my Love Projects Series and with the Just Desserts Collection I jumped into self-publishing. By the fall, I’d self-published my story, Common Grounds, the 1st of my Destiny Romances. It was my story in the no longer available Just Desserts Collection and I released the 2nd story in my Club Blind Series, Far from Blind.

At times, I’ll be honest, I feel like I’m not moving forward. But check it out. Each year, I increased my production. 2 books (2013) + 3 books (2014) + 5 books (2015) = 10!

Click on the covers on my Books page for more information.

Okay. So, now what?


  1. I’m currently polishing the 2nd book in my Assassins and Sweethearts Series and hope to have it release before spring.
  2. I have an idea for a couple free reads. The first is Assassins and Sweethearts 1.5. That’s right. I have more to tell in Ethan/Nadia’s story.
  3. Then, I’ll finish Anne/Keller’s story, the 4th book in my Love Projects Series.
  4. Assassins and Sweethearts 3. This will be Max’s story.
  5. Destiny Romance .5 <- this is my 2nd free read idea. I just flushed out the story and I love it! When it’s done, I’ll be making it available for my New Release Newsletter subscribers ONLY. Subscriber here.
  6. Destiny Romance 2. This will be Josie’s story.

That’s what I have planned. 4 longer novellas and two free novelettes. 6 different stories. It would be a new record for me. Eek!

So, what do you think? I hope you’re excited. Here’s to a great 2016!!

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