Mid Week Tease -A Wish for Things to be Different- A snippet from Taking Over (Love Projects 3) #ComingSoon

MWTease15Welcome to hump day my friends. Thank you to the beautiful Sandra Bunino for bringing us together.

I’m sharing today from my next release, the third book in my Love Projects Series. Taking Over is Gina and Marcus’s story. They were once very close friends but now they’re enemies. More on that later.

Last Week Gina entered Club Voyage and began her search for a Dom to give her a spanking. She thought she found the right man for her until he turned and she discovered it was Marcus. She tried to sneak away but he stopped her. Oh boy!

Today’s Tease I’ve skipped almost nothing. Enjoy!

The dark lighting must have played a trick on her. Usually she spotted his light colored locks from across the room, making it quite easy to steer clear of him. She had no idea why the submissives in the club flocked to him for their training.

“I’m not surprised you’ve come to the spanking benches. What have you done now?”

“Funny. I’d say it’s good to see you, but I’m not one to lie.”

“Really?” He shifted, squaring his hips in her direction, clasping his wrists in front of him. The paddle, still held in his hand, concealed an important portion of his leather covered bottom half. “I haven’t observed that to be true.”

“Always the gentleman.” This had to be a new record. In less than a minute, he had her loathing herself. It didn’t matter he was working on incorrect data. “Hope not to see you again.” She waved as she turned to go.


She kept moving.

His hand came down on her shoulder and pulled her around. “When a Master tells you to wait, you do as you’re told. Our personal history doesn’t erase protocol. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir.” Her chest rubbed against his. From under her lashes, she looked up into his light blue eyes and, for a second, wished she could forget why she hated him.

coming-soon 300x450


Gina’s life was perfect, until the day she realized the man she loved didn’t love her back. Her charming life turned upside down as tragedy and cruelty struck her down. She learned to protect her family from those who could cause them pain, but she inadvertently ensured the perfect life would be forever out of her reach.

Marcus has hid his love for Gina for years. His assumptions about her have allowed him to be harsh, but underneath all the anger is a man deeply in love. The tough realities of her life put them in position to see themselves in a whole new light. The second chance is right there and it could take them over the edge into the love they’ve always wanted.

Be Warned: spanking, light BDSM, public exhibition


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