New Release! Cassie’s Influence by PK Corey

I’m so pleased to have PK Corey here today with her new release, Cassie’s Influence. I adore Cassie and I think you will too.

Thank you so much for having me today. I’m very excited about the latest Cassie book.  I realize Cassie isn’t the age of the average spanking book heroine – but I hope those new to the series will give her a chance. I think you’ll like her!



Intentionally or not, Cassie’s influence spreads. Sue’s marriage had improved through Cassie’s influence.  However when Sue’s marriage unexpectedly takes a turn for the worse, Sue pushes for the solution she feels will work, a solution that could put Cassie on a collision course with the ivory brush.

Allie and Ryan are both feeling influence from Cassie and Tom. Cassie doesn’t mean to lead Allie astray – but Allie sees Cassie as a role model. Every adventure, old or new, captures Allie’s attention, which increases her desire to be more like mentor. But for better or worse, Ryan is just as determined to be like Tom.

Where you can find Cassie’s Influence:

Amazon | Blushing Books


Tom went on, “Talking to me at lunch and not saying a word about being out of the state. Telling me you were stuck in traffic…”

“I never said we were stuck in traffic!” I gasped as he continued to pepper my behind. “I said traffic was heavy. And it was!”

“But,” Tom maintained, “you failed to mention that you were speaking of air traffic.”

“Owww… Stop!” I shouted. “I can’t remember to give you every little detail over the phone.” I heard Tom chuckle. That was a good sign, but he was still spanking hard. “Now stop! That’s enough. I won’t do it again, honey, I promise.”

“Girl, I’m just getting started. Whether you think I’m being too bossy or not, you’re going to let me know where you are. And if I do say ‘no’ when you want to run off somewhere, then the answer is ‘NO’ and you better respect that or your ability to sit comfortably will be a long time coming.” He continued to spank for some time but as much as it stung, I was grateful he was just using his hand.

Tom finally stopped and rested his hand on my burning bottom, but he didn’t start rubbing. Instead he leaned over and I heard the nightstand drawer open. I just had time to tense and cry out, “Oh, Tom, please, not that!” when I felt the first sting of his slipper. Now Tom had only had one pair of this type of night shoes. The sole is one more suited for wearing outside than a regular slipper. And the tread on this one tears me up. It doesn’t leave marks or anything you can see, but it’s like being spanked with a paddle covered with tiny pincers! Willow, bless her heart, chewed up one of them when she was a puppy and I was secretly delighted. That was until Tom pulled this one from the trash to be used exclusively for this purpose.

“Tom, please!” I wailed. “You know this one hurts all day!”

“Then perhaps we should use it every morning to make sure you remember to behave all day.” He spanked on as I struggled to crawl off his lap, to no avail. The last ten swats felt like they were given full force and right on my sit spot. When he let me up, I couldn’t help but grab my seat with both hands in a vain attempt to alleviate the pain.

“I’m taking you to breakfast, and you have exactly fifteen minutes to be dressed and sitting in the car or we’ll skip breakfast and you can have another spanking.” He punctuated this announcement with one additional hard swat to my burning cheek. I scrambled. I could tell he was teasing and not really mad anymore and I intended to keep it that way. However, at my age fifteen minutes is not near enough time to become presentable.


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