My Sexy Saturday -Thoughts of Sassy Emma- a snippet from Unshakable Me (Uniform Fetish Anthology)

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Hello! Welcome back to My Sexy Saturday. Addicted to love. The hero and heroine in my new release in the Unform Fetish Anthology are certainly addicted and they’re quickly becoming addicted to each other. This snippet is from after Miles had to carry Emma home. Enjoy!

He wanted to know if she was okay, wanted to know if she was keeping out of trouble. Most of all, he wanted to hold her again. If he was being honest, he’d admit her sassy mouth amused him, even if it drove him to want to spank her tight ass.

She’d been soft and warm. Just thinking about how she’d molded herself to him on the dance floor had his cock hard again in a second. He rubbed his palm along the hard edge, and her pretty baby blue eyes came into focus. She’d called him hot. He rubbed harder, imagining her sex kitten lips wrapping around the head of his dick.

He tugged on his zipper, and then his phone rang.

“Fuck.” He grumbled as he made his way across the room for his cell. “Hoffmann.”

“Sorry, Miles. I know I promised you the night off.”

“You don’t need to apologize, and you didn’t need to make it up to me. If you need me, I’ll be out the door in a second.” He reached for his boots and pulled them on.

“I’ve just pulled a woman over, and you’re flagged in her record.”


Oh boy, something tells me he’s going to get the opportunity to spank her ass. 😉

uniformantho1lBlurb for Unshakable Me (from Uniform Fetish)

He intended to ensure her safety and in return she stole his heart.

If getting pulled over for speeding wasn’t a bad enough first impression, Emma Wieland was about to make it worse. Officer Miles Hoffmann had his life in order. Working hard and helping those around him was his routine, that’s until Emma sped into his life. The pair are on a one way ticket to destiny. The only question is how much they’ll wreck on their way to finding love.

Be Warned: spanking, BDSM, public exhibition

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