Weekend Writing Warriors – When Lydia Licks His Finger

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Welcome friends old and new. I’m glad you came. Today, I’m sharing from my birthday baby, the first in my Love Projects series, TAKING CHANCES. That’s right, yesterday my debut turned one. Happy First Authorversary to me!

THIS WEEK: Jake has return to the conference room, after his cold shower, to find Lydia in the middle of eating messy barbecue. Enjoy.

Before he could stop himself, he sat beside her, and his inquisitive finger reached out and rubbed the corner of her mouth. His finger hovered between them, an inch from her mouth. She licked her lips, and seconds ticked by. Nothing in the room captured his attention but her devilish mouth. Her tongue reached out and licked his finger. It took forever for his hand to return to his side. The air between them had become thick with heat. He couldn’t tear his sight from her beautiful eyes.

I think it’s time for them to give in a take a chance. Don’t you agreee? 🙂 I know when they give in and I also know how hot it gets too. *fans self* You can know too. Pick up your own copy of TAKING CHANCES and find out everything today.


takingchances1mLydia’s father walked away from her when she was eight. She’s struggled to not let him affect her, but fears she wasn’t loveable enough to make him stay. Jake wants to love one woman, but after scaring the last woman he met outside of the club, he doubts he deserves the right. She protects her heart by sticking with her fantasies and he lives by a set of rules that excludes women who choose a vanilla lifestyle.

The two will be kept in a conference room working together until their special project is complete. If Lydia and Jake hold tight to their bland lives, they’ll always yearn for love that is out of reach. Together they find common ground, passion, and a reason to take chances. Once they discover the grand possibilities of the love they desire, they find themselves in the very place they tried never to be again, facing unguaranteed loved.

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15 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – When Lydia Licks His Finger

  1. Licking a man’s finger, what an invitation! Sounds like it is going to get hot.
    Congrats the one year anniversary!

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