ROW80 Check-in #78 – Crazy Fun

The writing challenge that knows you have a life.

To NaNoWriMo or not? All month I said no. I have a book releasing this month. I need to finish polishing and submit my next story. My FIL is now in hospice and I’ll be seeing him as much as possible. It’s the first of the last two crazy months of the year. I said no. I kept saying no because internally I kept saying yes. I should have known.

The last day to plan came and guess what I was doing? Signing up for NaNoWriMo and prepping to write. OMG! Yes, I’m crazy, but I’m doing it.

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The Goals – week-4 results

    • Spend at least 1-hour a day with my characters- done.
    • Daily progress in writing craft, word count, editing, and/or plotting- half done. Again, the beginning of my week got swallowed by the evil day job and my volunteer responsibilities. I also attended a field trip for my youngest on Monday and worked his school party. By the time I got back on track, I made some decent progress on my WIP on Wednesday and Thursday I decided to NaNoWriMo. WHAT!! I had one day to prepare. Yes, I’m nuts. I pulled out one of three stories I’ve been wanting to write. I built out my structure in Scrivener, started my beat sheet, and named my characters and places. Friday came and went with only 966 words. Yesterday, I got back on track by adding 4,041 words. Yes, you read that right. 4k in one day. I’ve never done that.
    • Take care of and be kind to myself- I had a couple of long chats with each of my two besties from High School and that did this girl a lot of good. We ranted and got out the uglies of our lives, then me moved on to happier things. They love to tell me how much they love my stories and how excited they are for my ROTG to release. They’re great cheerleaders. I hope you have cheerleaders in your lives. Give them a call this week. Tell them how much you appreciate them and let them put a smile on your face.

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7 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in #78 – Crazy Fun

  1. If you have a WIP that’s ready to be written, it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement of NaNoWriMo! I sent you a buddy request (I’m jennettemariepowell). I know what you mean about the timing – seems like it’s never right. I’m taking an online workshop right now, plus trying to get a business website done, so balancing all that is tricky. Good luck getting your words in along with all the other stuff!

  2. 4K in one day! Good for you. I’ve done over 3k. not sure I’ve hit the 4k mark yet though. More recently, I’m very lucky to get 2k. I’ll find you on NaNo. Good luck!

  3. I was very much like you. Inside voice was all “Do NaNoWriMo!” But, outside voice was all, “No. Now is not the time!” Difference is, my no-voice won. Though, there are moments I regret letting it win. Other times, not so much. I wish you the best with your NaNo-ing. And i wish you continued success with your goals (because, even with the writing hiccup, that’s still a great week).

  4. NaNo does that kind of sneaky thing. I kept telling myself I was going to continue my short story series, I wasn’t going to start a new story. And then a week before NaNo, there I was with a brand new story idea, plotting my heart out.

    Have fun!

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