Flash Fiction #49 A Clean Start

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October 11, 2013

Four days in the car and Kelly wondered if they’d ever stop running. When the rain started pounding the car, she also wondered if she’d ever shower again, but most of all she wanted Dean to kiss her.

“Can we stop? The rain is pouring off the roofs here and it might be our only way to get clean.”

“You want to shower from the side of a building?”

“No, behind the building is fine.”

Dean laughed, but turned left and drove behind the next building.

Within minutes the rain poured down her back and Deans arms came around her.

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9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction #49 A Clean Start

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  2. Great flash! I bet they will be doing a bit more than showering in the rain. I wonder if they will getr caught in the rain and why were they running?

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