Six Sentence Sunday #47 A Punishment

Happy Holidays, everyone. I hope you get time to tell those you love how you feel and I hope you get to see them and hug them before the end of the year. I hope 2012 ends on a happy note for you and carries you into your best year ever.

Thank you for hanging with me this year, it’s been a blast.

The year isn’t over yet. Happy Six Sunday and thanks for visiting this week. I have another 6 from my latest Novella BDSM WIP. It’s a sequel to the WIP I shared the first many months of 2012. Last Week: After Simon and Janna shared a scene together, Simon is taken aback when he learns of Janna’s deceit. The pair are thrown back together when Janna lands a new job. Simon might not be happy to see her, but she’s his new Project Manager. Simon refused to accept her apology, but has just stopped her from leaving his office. After their bodies make contact, Simon leaves her hanging. This Week: I’m taking you to pretty much where I left you last week. Janna has just suggested a punishment, after all, she’s been bad. Simon likes the idea, oh yeah, it’s obvious 😉 Just before this six he asks her to confirm the punishment. The first line is Janna’s. Can you guess what she’s getting for Christmas?

“If that’s what you think I deserve, Sir.” She held her breath waiting for his answer. She needed this, she wanted this from him, would he accept?

He sauntered back to her, reached past her and locked the door. “Remove the skirt.” He sat in one of his guest chairs and patted his lap. “I’m waiting.”

Oh boy, that Dom is ready to dish it out. It’s going to be a spanking good Christmas for Janna and Simon. Maybe now they’ll be able to move forward.

Hope you enjoyed my six today, thank you for stopping by, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Don’t forget to check out the other Six Sunday authors.Try to find a new favorite 6 today.

See you next year…

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