Review: Rescuing Lacey by Rebecca Heflin

Rescuing Lacey coverRescuing Lacey

by Rebecca Heflin

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing, LLC

Release Date: September 26th, 2012

Genre: Romance


When tough battle-scarred photojournalist-turned-wildlife-photographer Lacey Sommers travels to Costa Rica in a last-ditch effort to save her job, she meets beach-bum-gorgeous Luke Hancock, an outdoor guide, environmentalist and expert on economics and sustainability, who’s been hired by her magazine to serve as her pilot and wilderness guide for the duration of her stay.

It’s clear from the outset there is a powerful physical attraction between the two, but strong personalities, pre-conceived notions, an unexpected and contentious family connection, and the scars from a tragic death and a terrifying event threaten to keep them apart.

Will Lacey shed the mantle of Kevlar she’s worn for so long and allow Luke inside her heart? Or will her ostensible strength be her downfall?


Rebecca is a new to me author and I’m so happy to have found her.  This hard to put down book made me feel like I’d gone on the adventure too. Lacey and Luke were easy for me to love and so is Rebecca’s writing style. Her characters and interactions have real, visible layers. There was also a bit of humor and well paced action.

Lacey and Luke are explosive, their anger and passion come right at you speeding you through the pages of this story. There are lots of layers to this story and they don’t feel pilled on, they move and shift and get worked through. Rebecca doesn’t leave you hanging.

I recommend Rescuing Lacey to all romance readers and give it a 5.0

For more information, you can find Rebecca on Goodreads.

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