Six Sentence Sunday #5

I’m back! I have not participated in SixSunday since late November and I’ve missed the fun tremendously. I’ve been lost in edit land in my first book, but a week ago I started writing a novella to cheer me up. I’m happy to bring you 6 from the 1st chapter of my first novella.

Jake and Lydia work together. A new database just went live and the problems are overwhelming. The boss has called a meeting to figure out what should be done.

“Mr. Keller, we need strong policies and procedures to move forward,” declared Jake, who sat across from her.

“Jake, I think you are onto something,” boss man Mr. Keller usually agreed with Jake. “I’d like you to head the team on this one Jake. Pick someone from this table and lock yourselves in a room and get it done,”  and with that Mr. Keller left us in Jake’s capable hands.

Not a sound could be heard in the room, she wondered if everyone was thinking about the only thing on her mind and pounding in her heart.

Locked in a room with Jake.

I hope you enjoyed my 6, please let me know what you think!! I hope you will come back next week to find out more about Jake and Lydia. Please check out the other Six Sunday authors, they are a really impressive bunch!! Have a lovely week!!

6 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #5

    • I know exactly what it will lead to, b/c I woke to the idea several weeks ago 😉
      I’ve had a lot of fun in the weeks since thinking about how they got themselves to that point
      These two are a little puzzle
      Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving a comment!!!

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