ROW80 -Round #1 2012- The Goals

In 2011 I started to write and write and write.  I ended 2012 in the middle of editing.  I lost my footing somewhere along the way and lost my daily retreat into my writers head.  Goal #1 is to get back into daily writing.  How am I going to make this happen?… Oh, Oh, I know!!!  ROW80

It’s the writing challenge that knows you have a life! ‘Round of words in 80 days’

I’ve been wanting to sign-up for ROW80 for sometime and now is the time or else something terrible could happen…I could stop…no I wont even finish that thought, I can’t, I must finish!

For round 1 I’m going simple. Work on my book for 1 hour everyday.  Everyday I will write, edit, what ever is needed, I just need to visit my characters daily.  No this is not a perfect plan, but it is better than the plan that occurred in December, which resulted in a grand total of 1107 words, well that was better than November’s 874 words.

Starting today I will spend 1 hour a day with my characters.  I’ll let you know on Wednesday, my first check-in, how I am doing.

Whatcha thinking?

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